Funds freeze leaves teachers’ CBA in limbo, As 4 Teacher Unions Remain Hopeful

Payment Dates For CBC Training Revealed

Sources closer to the teachers’ service commission, TSC and the ministry have hinted on the dates that the teacher trainers who took part in the Competency based curriculum, CBC, which ended on Friday May 13 will be paid their transport reimbursements.

The disappointed teachers left various marking centres without clear information on when their fare would be reimbursed. They however got informed that they will be paid ksh. 400 per day for the four days. The trainers of trainers of trainers are however expecting a total of ksh. 3,500 per day for four days. Out of the amount, ksh. 1000 will cover bundles, another ksh. 1000 will meet the transport cost while ksh. 1,500 will go towards facilitation fees.

What was even more disturbing to the trainers was that even the trainers of trainers, who attended their training a week earlier than the trainers, had not been paid anything.

The teachers that we interviewed some minutes after the event questioned why the TSC and the ministry had to rush the idea of CBC training if they new they had no ready funds to pay the trainees.

“Is ksh. 400 worth being paid after three months? The money they are paying us is too little compared to the time and fare we spent during the training yet it can’t even be paid promptly. How will they expect us to implement the CBC promptly if they are not prompt themselves?”  asked an irritated teacher.

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The TSC and ministry of education sources we talked to however said that they are still capturing details of the trainers and trainers of trainers in their database. They are yet to receive all the names of the trainers and the trainer of trainers and the phone numbers from various sub counties before effecting the pay.

“We must receive the details of all the trainers and the trainers of trainers from the TSC sub county offices before paying the participants. We want to pay them all at ago through bulk SMS and that cannot happen if the lists are typed incompletely or if we lack some names. What I can assure the teachers is that they will receive their dues by the end of the month,” said a TSC officer who sought anonymity.

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