Possible 2020 TSC Internship Interview Questions

Possible 2021 TSC Replacement Interview Questions

Have you completed your application for a TSC job and is awaiting interview invitation?.. Or have you received an invitation for a TSC interview and is curious about the questions from the panelists?  Worry no more. The guide below has been designed to help you prepare for the interview and possibly emerge victorious. It contains some of the frequently asked questions in a TSC interview panel.

Apart from the questions in the guide, there are other general knowledge questions and subject based questions. Of great importance is confidence and ability to communicate effectively, even if you do know the answers to the questions.

1. Briefly tell us about yourself

Tell the panel your full name, nationality, and personality traits that can enhance your coping in the school, should you be successful. Some common traits include; I am an extremely extrovert person that can embrace team work; I am goal oriented and extra ordinarily passionate about the teaching profession..Etc.

Be as brief as possible.

2. Briefly tell us about your career and professional journey

Just give a brief summary about your education journey, from primary to college. If possible give your achievements at each stage. Then proceed to the schools where you have taught since graduation and your achievements in those schools.

3. State your TSC number.

Avoid giving digits like fifty eight seventy four twenty. Instead say; I am teacher number five hundred and eighty seven, thousand, four hundred and twenty.

4. Who is the cabinet secretary of education, science and technology?

Professor George Magoha

Ensure you go to the interview panel with knowledge about the principal secretaries in the ministry of education, the assistant cabinet secretary in the ministry of education etc.

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5. What are the functions of the teachers’ service commission?

TSC is an independent commission established under article 237 of the constitution of Kenya 2010 and is tasked with the following functions:

  • Vetting and registration of trained teachers
  • Recruiting and employing registered teachers
  • Deploying employed teachers to any school or institution of learning within the republic of Kenya.
  • Promoting and transferring teachers
  • Giving disciplinary action to teachers who violate the TSC code of conduct for teachers
  • Terminating the employment of teachers
  • Reviewing education standards within the country.
  • Conducting TSC interviews
  • Advising the national government on matters pertaining to Teachers

6. What is meant by KICD?

Kenya Institute Of Curriculum Development

7. What are the roles of KICD?

KICD is tasked with the following roles:

  • Advising the government on matters pertaining to curriculum development
  • Evaluating, vetting and approving both local and foreign curricula
  • Implementing policies pertaining to curriculum development in both basic and tertiary education levels
  • Development and review of curriculum support materials.
  • Conducting research aimed at informing curriculum policies, review and development
  • Disseminating curriculum support materials through mass media, e learning and distance learning.

8. Who is the chief executive officer of the TSC?

Dr. Nancy Macharia

9. What does SRC mean?

Salaries And Remuneration Commission

10. Who is the chairperson of SRC?

Ms Lyn Mengich

11. What are the functions of SRC?

SRC is an independent commission, which was established under article 230 of the constitution of Kenya 2010. It is mandated to:

  • Set and review salaries and allowances of all state officers
  • Advise national and county governments on matters pertaining to salaries and allowances of state officers and civil servants.
  • Conduct comparative survey on the current labour markets and trends in remuneration to determine the salaries of state officers and civil servants
  • Give independent recommendations on matters pertaining to salaries and remuneration
  • Give recommendations on pensions to be paid to public officers
  • Determine the salaries and remuneration cycles to guide the parliament so that it allocates adequate funds for easier implementation.

12. What is the full meaning of KLB?

Kenya Literature Bureau

13. What is the role of KLB?

To publish and supply learning materials to the learning institutions. next

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