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Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Our website is https://elimupedia.com

The information we collect from our visitors and reasons for collecting it

Personal identification information

Our visitors are served with a contact form whenever they give a comment on our site. Here they give their personal data like name, email address, website and phone number. The submission of such information is voluntary and users can opt not to. The only disadvantage of failing to supply such information is that we cannot get back to the user incase the comment involves an emergency issue that has to be sorted out within that required time.

Through the contact forms, we get insight into what our clients really want and strive to offer them better services.


The comments from our users enable us to gauge how satisfied they are. The comments however must be approved to ensure they do not violate the integrity policy of our website and that they are not targeting other users negatively.

The data given by the user enable us to detect the users who are spammers.


The users of ElimuPedia may choose to save their personal details when prompted to or not. Those who save theirs have an advantage of not typing them during their future comments. The details remain saved for one year.

Cookies have also been created to save users login details. If after logging a user clicks ‘remember me’, then the log in details will be saved and the users will not have to give their details if they are using the same gadget.

Duration of Data Retention

The user’s comments remain in our site for as long as the site is operational. This enables faster approval of comments before moderation by the admin.

For the staff, their profile data remains with us but are subject to their editing or deletion.

Do You Have Rights Over Your Information?

Yes, you do. Account holders of this website are supplied with a file of their personal information upon request. The same applies to users who leave their comments with us. On personal request, we can delete your personal information from our site.

Guarantee of Confidentiality

Your personal information in our site is given the most confidential and private treatment that you can ever expect. Without your consent, we cannot reveal your personal information to a third party.


If you are a user in this site, it means you have accepted our privacy policy. Kindly do not use this site if you are in disagreement. Simply contact us.