Promotion From Job group B5-C1 Finally Automatic- How To Get Your Arrears

Promotion From Job group B5-C1 Finally Automatic- How To Get Your Arrears

Since the adoption of the 2017-2021 CBA and the subsequent formation of new job groups, teachers in job group B5 have been neglected in the common cardre teacher promotions. These teachers have persevered in the same job group for years till most of them gave up with issues to do with teacher promotions.

Members of job group B5 are designated as primary teacher II. Members are P1 teachers, who traditionally served under job group G, prior to its baptism to job group B5. It is the entry level of primary school teachers.This is what members of this job group earn.

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One of the reasons why the teachers were neglected in promotions might have been due to the gruising battle that TSC has had with KNUT in the recent times and most members of job group G were members of KNUT.TSC was arguing that common cardre promotions are in line with career progression guidelines, which KNUT strongly opposed in favour of schemes of service.

The good news for members of job group B5 is that TSC has finally considered them for common cardre promotions. Members of job group B5 will now move automatically to job group C1 after serving for three years.Click here to see what they will earn after promotion.

The promotion will be automatic once a teacher has served for three years since employment, and the teacher is not required to fill any form. Once a teacher reaches the incremental year, S/he will get a salary increment. In case the increment comes some months after the incremental month, the teacher gets all the missed increments as arrears a month after the first increment.

Job group C1 is designated as Primary Teacher I.

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  1. I have worked for over six years as deputy head teacher and my payslip has not shown the design ation written sveral letters to tsc and no action taken ,i have been working with a lot of stress tsc 438308,thank you

  2. Tsc no 385910. In kituiserved for many years in B5 no arrear after automatic move to C1 and still Tsc owes me 2013. 2014 money adjust pls

  3. Am in grade B5 earning the maximum of that grade for over seven years. Others move to C1.what happened with me

  4. I have worked for more than 20years in the grade P1.I have never got any promotion to any other grade please consider my case.It is said that P1are promoted automatically to C1 so what do I do?


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