Proven Ways Of Coping with High Blood Pressure

Patients recently diagnosed with hypertension have some phobia for medication to keep their blood pressure lower. They are guaranteed since drugs are chemical in nature and being part of them in your entire life time can cause secondary damage to other organs like the liver.

To avoid reaching levels where medication is mandatory, lifestyle plays a key role in controlling the disease.

Below are some lifestyle changes that are necessary for keeping your blood pressure low.

1. weight loss and getting rid of belly fat

Increase in weight significantly results to increased Blood pressure. Weight loss is a key lifestyle behavior for controlling hypertension. Even losing a small amount of weight counts in managing blood pressure. For every kilogram lost, 1 mm hg of pressure decreases is realized.

Having excess fat in the belly and waist region can sure put one at a greater risk of hypertension. Protruded stomach may not be a sign of well being as most people believe but a risk of high blood pressure. Generally, men should have a waist measurement of below 40cm and women below 35cm.

2. Regular exercise or physical activity

Exercise helps develop muscles but also helps keep the body fit by burning excess cholesterol, thus reducing body weight and high blood least 30 minutes a day of regular exercise can lower high blood pressure by 7 mm Hg.

It is advisable that sometimes you walk to work instead of driving or riding.It is not a sign of poverty but a sign of self-love.

For those not yet diagnosed with hypertension, physical exercise protects them a great deal.

3. Wise Dietary Choice

A healthy diet is rich in natural grains, fresh fruits, green vegetables dairy products containing little fat. A healthy diet fights hypertension by 70%.

Red meat and eggs that most people like are slow killers since their cholesterol levels are very high. Frequent intake of the two puts one at risk of high blood pressure by 90%.

Junk and processed foods are also enemies of normal blood pressure.

4. Reduction of Salt in The Diet

Salt contains sodium ions, which accelerate blood pressure. Reducing salt intake reduce blood pressure by 5.5 mm Hg.

Processed foods have very high salt contents thus are discouraged. If you must take them, read first the is even more suicidal to ingest raw salt or to add salt in food at meal times.

5. Limiting alcohol intake

Surviving without alcohol is not easy for most people due to the known benefits of alcohol. If taken without moderation, alcohol can be a health is better to drink moderately today so that you survive to drink tomorrow.500ml of 20 % cc per day will make you healthier.

6. Stop smoking

Tobacco and cannabis increase risk of cardiac diseases that may result to high blood pressure. For proper cardiac health, smoking should be stopped at all costs

7. Reduce Coffee Consumption

Coffee contains caffeine, which increases blood pressure by 9 mm Hg. Reducing coffee intake or switching to tea or chocolate may save you from elevated blood pressures.

8. Being happy

Stress is one of the major causes of hypertension since stress impairs normal blood flow to and from the heart. If replaced with happiness and smiles, chances of contracting the same will be at bay. Reacting to stress through smoking and irresponsible alcohol intake can only be linked to digging on grave.

Its healthy that you identify your stressors and deal with them head on, whether family, work, friends, over expectations among others.

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