Quick Facts About The Civil Servants’ Enhanced Comprehensive Medical Cover

Quick Facts About The Civil Servants’ Enhanced Comprehensive Medical Cover

On 16th April 2020, during his fourth address on the corona virus pandemic, the president directed the Ministries of Public Service and the Treasury to develop a welfare package for government workers. This directive is what yielded the enhanced comprehensive medical cover that was launched on 19th November 2020. You need to know the following about the enhanced comprehensive medical cover.

  • The enhanced comprehensive medical cover will cost Sh6.3 billion and will target all civil servants, including teachers.
  • The scheme is an improvised version of the group life expense and last expense benefits, which was previously allocated annual amount of ksh. 839 million. It will also cover enhanced work injury benefits and group personal accident. The group personal accident will be pegged at eight times the gross salary for all job groups, costing ksh. 1.18M while work injury benefits will cost ksh. 1.33 billion

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  • All frontline government employees working during Covid-19 pandemic, including National Youth Service (NYS) personnel, will be covered.
  • The lead insurer of the enhanced medical cover will be the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). The scheme has been approved by the cabinet and kSh.3.3 billion of the total sum will cater for the group life, including covid-19.
  • The enhanced comprehensive medical cover is pegged at eight times the gross salary of an employee, in each of the job groups A to U, as well as an additional ksh3 million for critical illness. The previous cover ranged from ksh. 700,000 to ksh. 1.7million.
  • Any civil servant, including teachers,  and NYS staff who die in service from illnesses will receive eight years’ gross salary while those who die from occupational illness like Covid-19 will receive 16-year’s gross salary.
  • Families of Civil servants who die from accidents will be paid 24-years salary by the Group life and Work.
  • The last expense cover for the principal will be ksh200,000, from ksh. 100,000 in the previous cover.  The spouse and children’s last expense cover will be ksh100,000.
  • Critical diseases like cancer and cardiac problems will be covered for a limit of ksh. 3 million,above the NHIF medical limit.

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