Reflection of the 2nd Practicum workshop on Gender by Rose Iminza

Reflection of the 2nd Practicum workshop on Gender by Rose Iminza


During the workshop on 3rd august 2021 facilitated by Rose Iminza on Gender and equity in education, I learnt that there can be no gender sensitive classrooms without proper understanding of gender sensitive education. From the workshop, I got to know that giving all learners a sense of belonging, giving value to diversity and promoting equal opportunities for all students are key to inclusive education.

Though bias exist in our classrooms, it can be minimised through focus on individual students rather than groups, awareness, behavioural/ attitude change, monitoring tipping moments and ensuring proper judgements of our learners.

To respond to specific needs of each gender in teaching and learning, gender responsive pedagogy and gender responsive school management should be applied.


It is my belief that inclusion is possible in my school and that if practised then an all-educated society can be created. If only education equally caters for all learners irrespective of their gender, ability, social status among others, then there can be a rise in school completion rates and each learner can attain his or her maximum educational outcomes. This can only be achieved through an inclusive practice in our schools.


Having realised the gains of inclusivity in education, it is my pledge to work with policy makers in formulating policies that enhance inclusivity in education. At community level, I will take it upon me to create awareness on the benefits of inclusivity and to champion for gender responsive pedagogy in local schools, beginning with my school.

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