Reflection on the First Mentorship Program With Kipelo Obed on 30/7/2021

Reflection on the First mentorship programme with Kipelo Obed on 30/7/2021

The mentorship by Mr. Kipelo Obed on Friday 30th July 2021 through a WhatsApp chat was about becoming a change agent after the master’s programme at AKU.

Being our first mentorship activity, we opted to chart through WhatsApp so as to maximise our conversation within a shorter time.

From the mentorship, I got sensitised on the need to always be ready to utilize the AKU knowledge and experience to change my surrounding, bearing in mind that I will be leaving AKU as an agent of change rather than conservative of traditions. I learnt that by doing things differently, I can create significant changes in my school and the larger community.

Stressing on the need for patience during the change process, the mentor made it clear that change is not abrupt but rather gradual, and therefore I should just start and never give up even if things are not working my way.

Being an agent of change means changes starts with me and brings an impact on others. I was given an example of work place where I will meet colleagues and leaders who are different in terms of experience, philosophy, interest among others, yet I will be expected to link up with them and bring change.

The mentorship challenged me that I have yet a greater role after AKU- to create a change. Change is good since it brings a different view of something, and might yield better results, breaking the monotony of consistent failures.  Because of this, I have developed a change mindset and preparing to leave AKU as an agent of change rather than an addict of traditional methods.

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