Registered teachers with C plain mean grade Barred From Updating their TSC Profile

Registered teachers with C plain mean grade Barred From Updating their TSC Teacher Profile

The ongoing exercise of updating teacher profile has not been to registered teachers who got C plain mean grade in their KCSE exams.

Usually, the profiles are given by the teachers while registering for their TSC number. Since teachers registered, nothing much has happened on the profile yet the teacher has undergone a series of transitions. These transitions, alongside the bio data that were not captured at the time of registration, are the ones to be added while updating. Additionally, teachers should confirm if the details they recorded while seeking TSC number are true, or are as they keyed them in. For instance, postal address provided during registration has changed since most teachers used address of the schools where they offered BOM services. Email address has also changed to a TSC provided outlook365 and office365.

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However, teachers who got a C plain mean grade may not complete the TSC profile update process unless the portal is reset. This is after it emerged that the system only recognizes mean grade A to mean grade C+ for secondary school teachers.  There is no option of filling mean grade C plain to mean grade E. This simply means that the affected teachers will not complete the online teacher profile update process. Primary school teachers with mean grade C plain can however complete their teacher profile update process.

Sources have it that the system needed to be updated so as to filter out graduate teachers who proceeded to the universities to pursue education, despite having mean grades lower than the  C plus cut off.

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The link for updating of teacher profile, which has not been in the portal since creation, has been added and teachers will be expected to respond positively towards it, by adding information that they never given during registration or confirming if the information that is already there is legitimate.

The deadline for the process is still open but sources cite 30th April 2021 as the possible deadline. Further details about the deadline will be posted in due course, once confirmed by our team.To update your TSC teacher profile, click here and follow the procedure given.Next

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