Relief To Teachers As Nyamunga ‘Saves’ Their Pay slips From Lethal Shackles Of AON MINET

Relief To Teachers As Nyamunga ‘Saves’ Their Pay slips From Lethal Shackles Of AON MINET

Teachers have yet another reason to be inspired as Rose Nyamunga, a nominated senator, has sworn not rest until teachers are freed from AON MINET or given improved health care by the latter. The Ruto allied senator empathized with teachers as she highlighted the frustrations teachers have experienced under the bogus health insurance provider. ‘Your employees are suffering seriously and you are seated watching. Rise from your comfort and give hope to the teachers,’ said rose Nyamunga to the Teachers Service Commission, TSC.

Senate Probe

Nyamunga’s plea forced the senate to open an investigation process, accusing AON MINET of acutely frustrating teachers in the name of offering health services.

The teachers service commission remitted ksh. 9B to AON MINET in the year 2020 and Ksh.12B this year, yet teachers receive low value health care under the service providers.

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Introduction of AON MINET as a health care service provider to teachers resulted to loss of medical allowance from teachers’ pay slips. The lowest paid teacher had a medical allowance of ksh. 3870 per month, an amount which unexpectedly shocked the entire senate.

Those set for interrogation by the Senate committee on Education include AON Minet management, TSC, and the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT).Nyamunga questioned why teachers receive poor health services under AON MINET, that are not commensurate to the medical allowance that they lost. “How can teachers undergo double deductions on their pay slips both for National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and AON MINET yet there are no commensurate services?” Nyamunga questions AON management and TSC.

‘There is very low capitation on outpatient services with some teachers capped at as low as Sh900, which is inclusive of doctors’ consultations, tests and drugs. The teachers of this country are a frustrated lot and they feel their lives are potentially endangered by the poor services being offered under the AON MINET Kenya medical insurance cover,” says Nyamunga.

The Senate committee on education summoned KNUT Secretary-General Wilson Sossion to appear before it on 4th November to respond to the allegations of Ms Nyamunga over gross mistreatment of teachers in the hands of AON MINET

Nyamunga insists that these concerns of below standard services by AON MINET are very serious and that TSC must fulfill the teachers’ need for quality healthcare.

“The decision to introduce a medical cover for teachers was very good because it was a step in the right direction. However, there appears to be glaring gaps and challenges that must be addressed by the employer immediately,” insists the furious Nyamunga.

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She quotes Article 43 (1) (a) of the Constitution which states,” Every person has a right to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to healthcare services.”

Medical Allowance Back To Pay slips

If Nyamunga wins in her quest, then teachers will have medical allowance back to their pay slips, or TSC will contract a more competent health care provider to serve teachers.

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  1. This is a worthy quest for teachers to get good health care services. Teachers have been mistreated especially during this pandemic period since AON services are no longer there.May Nyamunga win for teachers.The Win for Teachers is a Win for innocent siblings (Kenya’s Future Generations).

  2. It is true that AON is punishing teachers. The other day a teacher I know went to hospital using the aon insurance. The doctor requested an x-ray but the teacher had to pay out of pocket to have the results analysed as she was informed that the insurance money had run out after the 1,600 x-ray. Mark you this teacher lost over sh 3,500 in medical allowance and pays over 1,500 to nhif. Total of over sh 5,000.

  3. The cover was introduced as a cash cow for some few tumbocrats in the commission and national government with teachers unions cahoot. Aon Minet is a business venture for some individuals,why were teachers not consulted prior to the scrapping of medical allowance from their payslips??

  4. I smell a rat in the contract of TSC and AON minnet. The people involved in the negotiations pocket bribes amounting to millions. Thats why TSC turns a deaf ear to our cry. Imagine capping of 900 in any facility, this is punitive ,demeaning and a suggestion that the place of the tutor is in the dispensaries. Shindwe!!??


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