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Reprieve as 10,733 Teachers Get Massive Salary Increments

All P1 teachers who have obtained higher qualifications and recently deployed to teach in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS)will automatically be promoted to Grade C2, automatically getting a salary increment by over Ksh10,000. These are holders of Diploma and Bachelor’s degrees in Education.

Primary Teacher II at B5, for instance, having being promoted to C2, will earn a new salary of Ksh34,955 on the lowest and Ksh43,694 on the highest, up from Ksh21,756 and Ksh27,195 respectively.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), announcing the promotions, revealed that those already in Grade C2 will be promoted to a Grade higher as per the TSC Career Progression Guidelines (CPG), which in this case is Grade C3 at T-Scale 8.

The details are in the TSC’s statement on March 21, 2023 when the commission secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Nancy Macharia was responding to a question asked by Suna West MP Peter Masara on posting of graduates currently serving as Pl teachers.

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The legislator wanted to know the measures the commission was taking to enable the career progression of Pl teachers who have attained higher qualifications but are still teaching in primary schools.

“All P1 teachers who have higher qualifications (Diploma and Degree)have been deployed to Junior Secondary School (JSS). To this end, 10,733 teachers with higher qualifications were identified and deployed accordingly,” said Dr. Macharia.

The TSC boss maintained that the deployed teachers, who are now teaching in JSS, are paid a salary commensurate to the worth of the current job they have been promoted to.

“All graduate teachers who possess the requisite qualifications set out in the Code of Regulations for Teachers have been deployed to teach in JSS and are paid salary commensurate to the worth of their current jobs,” reiterated Dr.Macharia.

According to the CPG, Grade B5, which is the entry grade for primary school teachers, consists of Primary Teacher II at T-Scale 5. The promoted teachers were earning between Ksh21,756 and Ksh27,195.

With deployment to JSS and automatic promotion to Grade C2(Secondary Teacher II) at T-Scale 7,which is the entry grade for secondary school teachers who are holders of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or its equivalent and also a promotional grade for holders of Diploma in Education, it implies that the teachers will get a salary raise by between Ksh16,499 and Ksh13,199.

Grade C1 established 5 salary     points:  Ksh27195, Ksh28755, Ksh30405, Ksh32149 and Ksh33994.

Primary teachers in Grade C3 T-Scale 8 are Senior Teacher I and Special Needs Education (SNE)Teacher I, who earn between Ksh43,154 on the minimum      and Ksh65,385 on the maximum.

T-Scale 6 automatically get promoted to Grade C2 at T-Scale 7. They were initially earning Ksh27,195 on the minimum and Ksh33,994 on the maximum.

The last phase four of the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) created 6 salary points for Grade B5 teachers at T-Scale 5, which are: Ksh21,756, Ksh22,749, Ksh23,787, Ksh24,873,Ksh26,008 and Ksh27,195 from salary point 1-6 in that respect.

It also established 7 salary points for Grade C2, that is: Ksh34,955, Ksh36,280, Ksh37,654, Ksh39,081, Ksh40,562,Ksh42,099 and Ksh43,694 from point 1-7 respectively.

Those who will have been deployed to JSS will however be retained on the same grade and T-Scale, but will be converted to Secondary Teacher I for the case of those in regular schools, but with a slight change in salary depending on one’s salary point.

Those in SNE schools will enjoy higher perks since they will be promoted to Grade C3 T-Scale 8 and converted to SNE Teacher II-Secondary, where the minimum salary is Ksh43,154 and the maximum is Ksh53,000, depending on their salary points.

The salary points for Grade C3 T-Scale 8 are Ksh43,154, Ksh45,124, Ksh47,183, Ksh49,336, Ksh51,588 and Ksh53,943 from points 1-6.

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