Drama As A 59 Year Old Teacher Insists He Must Mark His Learners Scripts In School

Retained Heads to be Replaced

As the government plans to recruit 11,000 teachers to bridge the growing teacher deficit, the teachers’ service commission, TSC is also working on plans to replace these head teachers and principals who were allowed to serve for two years after their retirement periods elapsed.

According to TSC chief executive officer Ms Nancy Macharia, another 1, 594 retiring teachers will be replaced after serving their two years extension.

She revealed that those scheduled for retirement were allowed two years extension during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As a result, 1,594 heads of institutions who were meant to retire in 2020 and 2021 were allowed optional extensions to work under contract for a period of up to two years,” said Macharia.

The move to retain the over 1500 heads has faced mixed reactions from classroom teachers, a section of whom felt that their way to the top position is getting blocked or delayed for unknown reasons.

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“Someone has served for 60 years yet still added two more years to manage, despite his / her efficiency. When will we classroom teachers get the chance to occupy these seats? Someone would retire a classroom teacher or a deputy head without occupying the principal’s office simply because their positions were taken by others,” lamented a teacher.

The confirmation that these heads will finally retire is a signal to those interested in the positions to start preparing their documents for replacement positions, which will be advertised soon.


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