Teachers to Upload schemes, notes and lesson plans in TSC provided E-mails

Newly Recruited Teachers Likely To Pioneer Online Casualties

The newly recruited teachers, who are expected to report to their new stations by 1st September 2021 according to their employment letters,  are likely to sign online casualties once they report. This will be a remarkable move from the traditional casualties, which are hardcopy pages in a book, that once signed, are detached and sent to TSC through the county director of education or just individually.

The traditional hard copy casualties saw many newly employed teachers work for more than two months before receiving their first salary. Others worked for as many as five months without salary. All these delays were caused by the delay of the casualties to reach the teachers service commission headquarters. In some cases, the casualties could be mishandled end up in wrong destinations rather than the teachers’ files at the headquarters. Some lazy heads could also forget to send the casualties, inconveniencing their newly recruited teachers.

It is through casualties that TSC acknowledges the reporting status of a teacher and put the teacher on payroll. The good news that comes with online casualties is that the casualties will reach the TSC headquarters with just a click and therefore the teachers will be put on payroll instantly through an automatic process.

So far, The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has trained school heads and Curriculum Support Officers (CSO) on how to operate the online casualty return for the purpose of admitting and releasing newly recruited teachers.

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The newly employed teachers have already started to receive their employment letters that confirm their appointment in line with TSC roadmap for recruitment.

Counties whose principals and CSOs have not been trained on online casualty management are expected to conduct this training next week.

School heads got training links from their Sub County Directors which they used to login online for the purpose of the training.

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