KUPPET’s End Year Report Spells Teachers’ Roles and Challenges When schools Reopen Next Week

Revised KUPPET  2021-2025 CBA Proposal captures intern Teachers

The Kenya union of post primary education teachers, KUPPET, has already drafted a revised copy of its CBA 2021-2025 proposal and submitted to the teachers’ service commission, TSC.

The decision to review the proposal was arrived at during the KUPPET-TSC Naivasha retreat in March.

KUPPET has adjusted its CBA 2021-2025 salary proposal to between 45 to 60 per cent, from the initial 30 %-70%.

Although the treasury has cited lack of funds to fully implement the projected CBA, KUPPET has not commented and the matter. However, submitting its proposal to TSC means there are still more hopes concerning the July salary hikes.

In the new proposed CBA, KUPPET wants intern teachers to be retained by the teachers’ service commission for more than six months before permanent employment and paid a monthly stipend of ksh. 25,000.

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In addition, KUPPET also wants TSC to provide scholarship to teachers a master’s degree in education programmes and actively in class. The union wants the introduction of a post graduate allowance for teachers who poses masters and PHD degrees, irrespective of their positions in service.

The proposal also wants teachers to manage pension for teachers unlike the current set up where retired teachers are frustrated and unable to access their pension.

Another proposal by KUPPET is for the government to provide car loans and mortgage to teachers.

KUPPET was reacting to the SRC job evaluation report, which recognized the huge workloads classroom teachers have and the additional responsibilities that will come in the wake of the CBC curriculum. Next

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