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Rift-Valley Region List Of KNUT Contact Persons on Post -Delocalization Transfer

1. KNUT BARINGO BRANCH JOSHUA CHEPTARUS 0720-219670 [email protected]
1 KNUT BOMET BRANCH MALEL LANGAT 0725-763663 [email protected]
1 KNUT SOTIK BRANCH MATHIAS K. LANGAT 0710-923053 [email protected]
1 KNUT BURETI BRANCH DANIEL CHUMO 0721-577476 [email protected]
1 KNUT CHEPKOILEL BRANCH SAMMY BOR 0721-334600 [email protected]
1 KNUT ELDORET WEST BRANCH JACOB K. ARUSEI 0723-947466 [email protected]
1 KNUT KIPKELION BRANCH DAVID K. BORE 0720-880226 [email protected]
1 KNUT OLKEJUADO BRANCH ELLY SOLONKA KORINGO 0721-718943 [email protected]
1 KNUT KEIYO BRANCH MUSA KIMAIYO BUSINEI 0722-449840 [email protected]
1 KNUT KOIBATEK BRANCH STANLEY KIPTIS 0722-362115 [email protected]
1 KNUT LAIKIPIA BRANCH JACKSON THANGEI 0722-832997 [email protected]
1 KNUT KERICHO BRANCH STANLEY MUTAI 0722-594002 [email protected]
1 KNUT MT. ELGON BRANCH STEPHEN CHEMONGES 0724-689401 [email protected]
1 KNUT MARAKWET BRANCH JOHN KEMBOI CHOBERI 0724-672550 [email protected]
1 KNUT NAKURU BRANCH MUNGAI MUHIA 0721-406148 [email protected]
1 KNUT NANDI CENTRAL BRANCH SILVESTER TALLAM 0715-446898 [email protected]
1 KNUT NANDI EAST BRANCH BONFACE K. TENAI 0728-242232 [email protected]
1 KNUT NANDI NORTH BRANCH JOSPHAT SEREM 0724-394792 [email protected]
1 KNUT NANDI SOUTH BRANCH STEPHEN K. MISOI 0726-648160 [email protected]
1 KNUT NAROK BRANCH PAUL LEPORE 0700-925061 [email protected]
1 KNUT WARENG BRANCH JOHN BOOR 0722-449077 [email protected]
1 KNUT WEST POKOT BRANCH SEMBELO ERICK 0716-303072 [email protected]
1 KNUT SAMBURU BRANCH RAPHAEL L. LESHALOTE 0721-226829/0734-544473 [email protected]
1 KNUT TRANS-NZOIA BRANCH REUBEN WASWA MAKHINO 0710-944910 [email protected]
1 KNUT TURKANA BRANCH TONY NASIA 0712-846315 [email protected]
1 KNUT TRANSMARA BRANCH WILLY K. KORIR 0710-4135587 [email protected]