Ringo Episode 29 on 3/5/2020

Rossa is visited by Gochin. she however advices him to quit before the return of Rueben. Gochin wonders what Rossa’s fears may be. Rosa reveals to him that her husband is going to take her daughter by force, unless she returns with him to their hood.
Zora looks at Rapha sexually and antons notices. he strictly tells her to avoid distractions. Antono goes, and Zora is invited for a desert by Rafa at undisclosed place. Rafa shares the dinner date with zora with Osso. Osso seems not to be concentrating and requests for Rafa’s phone.

Rosa insists that gochin leaves. At the same time, Rafa calls her to inform her that oso wants her for diner at the cantine. Oso grabs the fon from Rafa and talks to Rosa himself. Rosa admits that she is interested in the dinner but is not sure of making it. Osso assures her that he will not mind waiting. Gochin feels disappointed with Rosa for avoiding him only to be with Osso.

Aleho gets mannuel waiting for him upon reaching his house. Mannuel is surprised with Alehos bloody looks and warns him against fighting in the streets. Aleho fumes that mannuel should refrain from meddling in his life……his life is private and he wants people to respect it and leave him alone.

A nice music plays as Rafa and zora enter the club, which happens to be their meeting place. As they peep, they fail to believe their eyes…Hulia and Ringo are dancing explicitly and with so much romance. Carizo arrives upon their departure and gets surprised too with the moves of Ringo ang Hulia.
Tuco is in a call but upon seeing Diego n Evan, he holds up , claiming that he was speaking with his physiotherapist, who can provide solutions to the  mental problems Brenda is facing. He then re calls and books appointments for Diego, evan and Brenda. Evan however refuses his offer, claiming that he is able to fix his life alone. The story changes and they begin talking about another boxing match with their rival Ringo. Evan informs him that the talks with Ringo did not end since he was jailed at qeretaro. Tuco calls Carizo. Carizo notifies him hulia is playing Diego right under his nose. upon hearing the Rumour, Diego gets angry and goes.
Zora never knew Raffa resides in a club. She chooses desert and kisses over music. Antones and Osso are talking about reboxing match and the latter claims the match between Rossa and zora was prefixed. Antone claims that that is the only way Ringo could be allowed fight again.

Hulia and Rinngo are still dancing. He reminds her that he wants her there ..but for the purposes of dancing only. Diego cannot believe it when he finds his wife dancing with his foe. Tuco, who is following silently, holds Diego from getting into the club since that may just result to a divorce. Diego insists he must get in but Tuco gives him an option of thinking how to revenge on that woman snatcher rather than Hulia. He is ready to help him with an idea.

Carizo again gets Zora and Raffa having their nice time on the sofa and rages at Zora. Both dash out, Zora first followed closely by her lover Raffa.

Tuco annoys Diego when he tells him jokingly that Hulia and Ringo deserve one another. Carizo, Raffa, and Zora disrupt their talk as they reach the club shouting. The noises also disrupt the sweet dance Hulia is having with Ringo. Zora unexpectedly enters a moving taxi and escapes, leaving Raffa in to face the trouble alone. Osso arrives in time and scares carizo away.

Ringo feels relieved since the trouble makers are all gone. He tries to kiss her and she confesses that she really wants her kiss but she cannot do it because it will not end at that time. Hulia leaves, regretting why she came in the first case.

Osso laughs at Raffa, claiming that was exactly him at his younger stages. Raffa feels relieved since he was expecting osso to hit him. He advises Raffa to use a lodging whenever he wants to see Zora.  Osso then begs Raffa to accept his sir name.

Ringo sends Hulia an SMS to check on her. She is actually not OK since her all body wants Ringo but she just can’t have him because she is married. Ringo consoles her that both of them have a solution to that feeling. Diego is already sleeping when Hulia enters his room. He asks her if she has just got in but she tells him to go back to slumber as she is headed for a shower. Diego gets annoyed and says loudly with a heavy breath that Hulia must pay.

Manuel wants to go back to his house since they are through with the repairs and he wants osso to give him a go ahead. Manuel then tells him how Aleho was smashed. He tells osso to train Aleho some boxing techniques to avoid such embarrassment.

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