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School Heads To Attend A Life Skills Sensitization Program

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will carry out a sensitization meeting regarding the provision of psychological support to school principals and head teachers.

The meeting set to take place on August 23, 2021, will be held virtually and will target institutional heads from selected schools.

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TSC County Directors have been asked to identify one Curriculum Support Officer (CSO) from the county to represent the others and to support with moderating the meeting.

They have also been instructed to mobilize the head teachers and principals of the target schools to attend the sensitization meeting by sharing the meeting link.

The decision to sensitize school heads on life skills was informed by the realisation that most heads suffer untold emotional stress in their duties as school managers, deteriorating the health of most of them. Suicide cases by a section of the principals have been reported and investigations reveal that most of the cases are caused by school related factors.

Additionally, it has been observed that the life skill lessons in secondary schools do not solve the psychosocial problems of the learners. Findings show that most heads and teachers do not understand how to handle the life skills lessons since they are not trained to handle such lessons. The learners therefore gain very little life skills education despite staying in school for four years.

The commission targets to sensitize institutional heads from 38 counties on life skills.

Once trained, the targeted school heads and CSOs will train other school heads and CSOs within their counties, who will in turn train the teachers at school level.

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