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Schools to Receive Course Books by August

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu has announced that public schools will receive course books for learners by the end of the term, which will be August.

The CS was responding to questions asked by Samburu North MP Dominic Letipila on why students in some schools in Samburu East Constituency, were completing their secondary school studies without accessing course books.

He said that public secondary schools were initially supplied with textbooks in the year 2018 and since then, new schools that were registered thereafter have not been supplied with textbooks.

“The Ministry is in the process of undertaking a replacement to ensure that all schools are supplied with books before the end of this term,” Machogu said.

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“The affected schools will receive the books before the end of this term and not only in Samburu but there are so many other schools that are in this category. We undertake that we will be able to provide the books out of the funds.”

He reiterated that there has been no supply to provide for increased enrolment in the schools that were initially supplied in the year 2018.

“Indeed, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)has established that there are six schools in Samburu East Constituency which have not been supplied with course books,” Machogu said.

“This financial year, the Ministry has retained a total of Sh 378 from the capitation fund provided for in each and every category in each and every learner for purposes of replenishing the supplies.”

He added that the replenishment will enable the provision of books to learners in schools that were registered after 2018 and also to schools whose enrolment has grown.

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