You Are Transforming  Schools To Covid-19 Super Incubation Centres: Sossion Tells Government

Sossion Roots for 100% Transition to Universities

Former Knut secretary general Wilson Sossion has said the transition of students into university is still low.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV on Monday, Sossion said the transition to university by students who sat KCSE last year stands at 19 per cent only.

Sossion said Kenya has a culture that condemns students who fail exams.

In the process of transition, he said, those who are considered failures present an unnecessary hurdle to a huge population.

“If every year you are releasing and condemning close to 50-60 of candidature to the normal population, I think we are merely creating criminals and creating hopelessness in education,” Sossion said.

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Sossion said there should be a 100 per cent transition to universities just as seen from primary to secondary schools.

“Exams are supposed to facilitate the transition,” he said.

” We should also have 100 per cent transition from high school to tertiary.”

He said he has seen many people condemning the number of A’s which in his opinion is a very small number.

” That is a very tiny number compared to the candidature of 800 000,” he said.

He said students have the highest capability to join tertiary institutions and graduate in large numbers.

He said how grading and moderation are done is still below the bar.

Sossion said by now 30 per cent of the candidature should be meeting the transitioning grade.

” Let’s give children what is due and let us facilitate our students’ to transit seamlessly to the next level,” he said.

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