Teacher Promotion, Professional Growth To Be Determined By Performance In The Mandatory Refresher Courses

Stakeholders Propose Channeling of Annual Leave Allowance To TPD Training

This week, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) held a stakeholder’s forum for the recently launched Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programme. The aim of this forum was to get feedback from stakeholders on how it can improve on the programme, which majority of teachers have rejected.

In the December intake, only a few teachers have registered with the approved service provider institutions, leaving TSC challenged on how the program will be funded to attract more teachers to register.

This forum has come just some few days after the Basic Education Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr. Sarah Ruto, revealed that only 20,000 teachers have applied for TPD programme and urged teachers to source funding from County bursaries and Constituency CDF for their training.

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“For now, we are urging teachers to exploit the existing funding from NG-CDF and county education bursaries. We know one of the critical challenges is lack of school fees, and we are asking them to just make efforts to acquire training for the betterment of our young generation,” said Ruto.

During the stakeholders forum, TSC received a raft of proposals on how it can make TPD to be embraced by teachers without feeling the financial burden.

Stakeholders present issued their proposals and feedback on the TPD programme planned to start this December.

Among those present at the event which happened at CEMASTEA headquarters in Karen CEMASTEA, KNUT officials, KUPPET officials, KICD, and KEWOTA officials among others.

Knut secretary general Collins Oyuu confirmed his support for the programme but asked TSC to improve teachers’ salaries for smooth implementation of the programme.

He said teachers should not be compared to other professionals like doctors and lawyers because such comparisons seem to belittle the teacher.

Kewota Chairperson, Dorothy Muthoni, urged TSC to be more seductive in communicating new polities such as TPD. She urged stakeholders to get ways of seeking funds required to undertake the programme.

Among the proposals issued however, included slashing the annual leave allowance for teachers to pay for the TPD training to reduce the pain of paying from their monthly salaries.

Teachers earn leave allowance every February at a rate that depends on their job group.

Should the proposal be adopted, teachers will never earn their leave allowance, which is usually earned in February. Additionally, teachers in lower job groups will have to add extra money to complete the required fees for the TPD.

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