Step by step guideline in switching from your outlook365 to office365

Step by step guideline in switching from your outlook365 to office365

In the beginning of 2021, the Teachers Service Commission,TSC, introduced an e-platform for official emails. All teachers employed by TSC and those undergoing internship programmes were targeted.

The commission directed that heads of institution, and teachers including those serving under internship programme to activate their email accounts on TSC portal. Activated emails will be used for all communications from the Commission.

The official email should take the format of the teacher’s name, the last two digits of the TSC number

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It is possible to switch from outlook365 to office365.

Step by step guide

  • Log into your outlook365 account using your username and password. If you cannot member your password, click here to reset it.You can click on the link or get it from your browser. alternatively, you can use outlook365 app.
  • Once in your mailbox click the menu (the cluster of dots on the far left side corner of the TSC logo or on the top left corner of the window.
  • A smaller window appears with several apps. On the right side of the menu still in the same window, there is ‘office365’ writing and an arrow pointing away from it. Click the arrow or the writing.
  • You are now at office365 and can start performing the tasks required by TSC.

Note:  users of mobile phones can download office365 app from play store / app store or can access office365 online by clicking here its its link in outlook365 might be in active, depending on the phone. With office365 app, one can access outlook365 and all its features.

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