Steps on how to create MS Teams Meeting Link from your Outlook 365.

Steps on how to create MS Teams Meeting Link from your Outlook 365.

Open you Outlook and click drop down arrow on the New Items and Click Teams Meeting

Meeting scheduling Window will appear.

Here on the Title: You name your Meeting

Required: You add meeting participants

Start Time and End time you indicate the Meeting date and time for the meeting. Incase the Meeting is recurring, you click on the Make Recurring and specify the Day/Week/Month where the Meeting is going to recur.

Specify the meeting details on the details section and down is the meeting link that all participants must click for them to join the meeting.

Steps on creating MS Teams Meeting Link from MS Teams Application and browser

You can also create MS Teams right from your MS Teams Application or from Web browser once you  have login to MSTeams via browser.

Click on calendar as indicated on the screenshot below.

DoubleClick on any blank Date. A window below will appear.

Indicate Meeting Title, Add required attendees, indicate Meeting Date and time and Click Save to save your MS Teams meeting.

Then check your calendar to confirm if your meeting that you have scheduled is on the calendar.

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