Stop Pushing Our Teachers To The Wall To Record Them Complaining: Oyuu Tells Media

Stop Pushing Our Teachers To The Wall To Record Them Complaining: Oyuu Tells Media

The Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT secretary general Collins Oyuu, has cautioned the media from pushing teachers to the wall so that they complain about KNUT and their employer, the teachers service commission. Referring to the media as members of the fourth estate, Oyuu told them that they are putting teachers in deep trouble since they are using a wrong channel to air their frustrations. Click here to watch his video.

“And you members of the fourth estate, don’t push our teachers to the wall to get them complaining even through the media. You are spoiling for them. You are making them not to understand the right channel to use,” said Oyuu.

The KNUT boss urged teachers to use the right channel since they know where TSC is, rather than making their problems public.

“Teachers service commission should not be talked to through the media. We know where they are. They respect my position as the secretary general. We also respect them as the employer so, I want to say it is not in order,” he added.

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Oyuu also expressed confidence in the new KNUT office and urged teachers to at least approach KNUT, at least through their school representatives rather than pouring themselves out to the media, who will not assist them.

“As I speak today, I say that the new office elected on 26th of June is a recognised one. All of us are registered and registered to speak on behalf of all teachers. Nothing more, nothing short.So, if we are registered, our offices, the registered offices of KNUT, nationally is at Mfangano street.”

“Our structures are right down here. We know teachers are transferred from schools, we have a school representative, representing teachers in all institutions and I want to tell you this is the lowest accredited officer of KNUT, Legally, by our constitution because our constitution is also registered. I have the capacity and the will to handle teachers’ issues. I want to take a total departure of making a lot of noise and doing nothing, and absolutely nothing. Making noise does not mean that you are working. My duty is to negotiate properly on behalf of my members and by and large, on behalf of all teachers in this republic. That is my position,” directed Oyuu.

Concerning TPD Oyuu said TSC is in the TSC act and is known by the parliament and the ministry of education.

“TPD is not an issue of yesterday. It is not an issue of last year. This is an issue that has been running from 2012 through an act of parliament. Go to the TSC act which is a legal document. Section 35 of the TSC act talks about TPD,”

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