Summarized Guide to Fill Your Online Wealth Declaration in TSC Portal using Mobile Phone

After every two years, each employee is required to declare their wealth. For teachers, wealth declaration is done online in the TSC website. Teachers who fails to declare their wealth online are fined one million Kenya shillings or imprisoned for one year or both, alongside missing their salaries. Online wealth declarations are done by thirty first December.

Online wealth declaration involves declaration of total income, all assets and all liabilities for all the two years. All teachers in service, on leave, serving an interdiction or serving a suspension, are expected to take part in declaring their wealth online.

It is a simple process that can be done using a mobile phone, using the simplified steps below.

Step 1

Open the chrome browser in your mobile phone and type the link .You can also reach the link by going to the TSC website.

Insert your TSC number and proceed to the next window.

Step 2

A window appears with spaces where you should fill your TSC number and password, then log in. Insert each of them in the relevant place. Incase you cannot remember your password, click ‘forget password’ and you will receive a new password through SMS.

Step 3

You are now in your online wealth declaration account. At the top, there is a tab written ‘wealth declaration’. click on the dropdown menu and choose ‘basic information’. You will find your details already loaded, but you must confirm that they are your true details. In case you had not inserted your gender, postal address, birth place and marital status, you will need to update them. You will also need to update your working E-mail address and your working phone number. Go to next once you are done.

Step 4

Enter your gross income approximation for the two years, your assets and your liabilities in the relevant fields and go to next.

Step 5

Add information concerning your dependents i.e. partner and children who have not attained the age of 18 years.

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Step 6

Add the details of your witness i.e. full name, postal address and identification number (ID). Click submit.

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