Tana River, Tharaka Nithi, Trans Nzoia  County List of School Heads Retained By TSC After RETIREMENT


455 Mr. Mwalili, Edward Ndenge  C5  Headteacher  Mnazini Primary School  Tana River

456 Mr. Bwora, Tom Rhaya  C5 Headteacher  Kibusu primary school  Tana River

457 Mr. Jilo, Mohamed Maro  D3 Principal  Nanighi Tana secondary  Tana River

458 Mr. Shabu, Musa Gulu  C5  Headteacher  Bula Sukele Primary Sch.  Tana River

459 Mr. Yeri, Neville Mapenzi Charo D1 Senior Headteacher  Hola school for mentally Tana River

460 Mr. Bonaya, Ayub Makiso  D3 Principal  Wachakone secondary sch. Tana River

Tharaka Nithi County List of School Heads Retained By TSC After RETIREMENT


461 Mr. M’itonga, Geoffrey Mwiti  D3 Principal  Tunyai day Secondary sch.  Tharaka Nithi  462 Mr. Kanyaru, Peter Njeru  C5  Headteacher  Ruungu Day & Boarding  Tharaka Nithi

463 Mr. Thuura, Jason Marangu  C5 Headteacher  Kirumi Primary School  Tharaka Nithi

464 Mrs. Mugwika, Lydia Muthambi  C5  Headteacher  Mutakiri Primary School  Tharaka Nithi

Trans Nzoia  County List of School Heads Retained By TSC After RETIREMENT

465 Mr. Sichangi, James Ngai  C5 Headteacher  Mucharage Primary School  Trans Nzoia

466 Mr. Njenga, Samson Njau  C5  Headteacher  Chetoto  Trans Nzoia

467 Mr. Songok, Alex Kiprono  C5 Headteacher  Chepsiro Primary  Trans Nzoia

468 Mr. Koech, Nicholas Kipketer  C5  Headteacher  Kipkeikei Primary School  Trans Nzoia  469 Mr. Ngotta, Joseph Mwayi  D1  Senior Headteacher  Mukuyuni DEB  Trans Nzoia

509 Mr. Kerechi, Jackson Makori  C5  Headteacher  Kapkoi Central Primary  Trans Nzoia

510 Mr. Lel, John Kipkerer  C5 Headteacher  Mwaita Koilel Primary Sch. Trans Nzoia

511 Mr. Barno, Joel Cheboi  C5 Headteacher  Teldet Primary School  Trans Nzoia

512 Mr. Buinga, Francis Juma  C5 Headteacher  Cheberem Primary School  Trans Nzoia

513 Mrs. Silali, Mary Mayende  C5 Headteacher  Sabata KAG Primary School  Trans Nzoia  514 Mr. Shinanga, Lawerence Ilondanga  C5 Headteacher  Sibanga Primary School  Trans Nzoia  515 Mr. Chanzu, Hesbon Moses Opati  C5 Headtecher  Lunyu Primary School  Trans Nzoia

516 Mr. Sang, Daniel Kibet  C5 Headteacher  Kapcheplanget Primary  Trans Nzoia

517 Mr. Chemjor, Samuel Kibiwot  C5 Headteacher  Konga’sis Primary School  Trans Nzoia  518 Mr. Mabonga, Richard Wangila  D3 Principal  Bwala Secondary school  Trans Nzoia

519 Mr. Ngaira, Peter Wanyama  D3 Principal  Nalulingo Secondary sch. Trans Nzoia

520 Mr. Ongute Josek Amos  C5 Headteacher  Saiwa Primary School  Trans Nzoia

565 Wanekhwe Benson Wanjala  C5 Headteacher  Lukesi Primary school  Trans Nzoia

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