Teachers Can Now Enjoy Enhanced Comprehensive Medical Cover, Minet

Teachers Can Now Enjoy Enhanced Comprehensive Medical Cover

The teachers’ health service provider, AON MINET, has assured teachers of an enhanced comprehensive medical cover. This comes a few days after nominated senator Rose Nyamunga triggered a probe into the teachers’ medical scheme by the senate committee on education. Nyamunga accused AON MINET of humiliated teachers and offering them very substandard services, among other wrongs.

So far, TSC and the teachers unions, KNUT and KUPPET have been interrogated by the senate committee on education.

AON has reacted to the senator’s sentiments on twitter by posting that teachers can now enjoy enhanced comprehensive medical cover. In her twitter handle timeline, AON MINET posted in part, “teachers and their dependants can now access the benefits below at any of our accredited facilities across the country.” The benefits tabulated in the screen shot below are indeed comprehensive, as per the report from thorough analysis by a team of medical experts interviewed by elimupedia team.

Teachers Can Now Enjoy Enhanced Comprehensive Medical Cover, Minet

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According to Minet, the comprehensive cover will be enjoyed by :

  • All the teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission and are actively in service, between age 18 up to the mandatory retirement age.
  • One legal spouse to the teacher.
  • Four biological or adopted children of the teacher, aged between 0 and 18 years. For teachers in post secondary learning institutions, the age limit for the children will be between 0 to 25 years. Dependants having disabilities will enjoy these covers till death since there is no age limit for children with disabilities.

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All TSC employed teachers who are actively in service are automatically eligible beneficiaries of AON MINET medical scheme as principal members with full benefits.

TSC praised AON MINET, claiming it is the best medical scheme in the country and within the region. These sentiments were echoed by KNUT, secretary general Wilson Sossion and KUPPET secretary general, Akello Misori.

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  1. So far the only facility that seems to offer services to teachers is Bliss. Most of the other facilities eg Nairobi women hospital, which was a good facility, is no longer offering us services. Your best facility is Bliss, which i am not sure if it is a hospital. MINET IS GIVING US A VERY LOW DEAL.


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