Training Of Junior High School Teachers Begins On Monday

Teachers Deployed to JSS to Earn Higher Salaries

Practicing primary school teachers deployed to junior secondary schools will start getting a higher salary, as hinted by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The P1 teachers were deployed to teach Grade 7 learners, who are part of the junior secondary school section, but domiciled in primary schools.

So far, the first cohorts had their documents verified and were issued with deployment(posting) letters to junior secondary.

The Commission has opened application exercise afresh for teachers who missed a chance during the first deployment.

“The Commission has extended the period of application for deployment to Junior Secondary Schools. The portal has been re-opened. Primary school teachers with requisite qualifications are encouraged to apply. Use the following link to access the portal. Deadline for application is 22nd March 2023,” said TSC.

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However now TSC wants details for the deployed teachers submitted early enough to allow it process their new salary points.

This the Commission wants done before it closes its payroll on 15th March 2023.In a circular dated 17th February 2023 TSC gave directives to its agents to allow timely placing of the deployed teachers into the new job groups.

“Immediately the teachers are deployed to JSS, the County Directors shall initiate posting on the Posting,Entry/Exit Reports Module to the Sub-County.The Sub-County Director shall post the teachers to jss,” said TSC CEO Nancy Macharia in the circular.

TSC also ordered Heads of Institution releasing the teachers to immediately exit them through the submission of Exit Reports to enable the recelving Head of Institution to submit the Entry Report.

All these processes,it said must be conducted online through the Posting,Entry/Exit Reports

Module as the Commission no longer recognizes nor process hard copy casualties.

Where the teacher is retained in the same station,the Head of Institution shall exit the teacher from primary school and submit Entry Report for the JSS,” said Macharia.

Most deployed teachers are primary school teachers in job group C1 followed by those who are in job group B5.

Salary for a deployed C2 teacher

Basic salary 34,955

House allowance (other areas)7.500

Hardship 10.900

Commuter 5,000

Leave(paid only in January)6,000

Those deployed (with degree certificates) will be placed at job group C2 where they will serve for a period of three years before being moved automatically to job group C3.

Those B5 teachers with diplomas will however start at job group C1 where they will serve for a three-year period then they will be elevated to job group C2 automatically.

TSC has also deployed primary school headteachers who have junior secondary domiciled in their stations

TSC Sub County Directors have issued the headteachers with deployment letters to serve as Principals of junior secondary schools.

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