Teachers To Begin CBC Classes In Three Weeks’ Time

Teachers’ July 2023 Basic Salaries and All allowances after 7-10% Increment

The teachers’ service commission will from July 2023 review the basic salaries of teachers as per the presidential declaration of 7-10% increment.

Sources from TSC have hinted at a possibility of awarding Teachers in lower job groups a higher percentage increment, with the lowest earning teacher in job group B5 getting a 10% increment and the highest earning teacher in job group D4 getting a 7% increment.

Below are new basic salaries for teachers in all job groups

New Teachers’ Basic salaries per job group w.e.f 1st July 2023

J. G Minimum salary (ksh Maximum salary
B5 23931.6 29,914.5
C1 29,914.5 37,393.4
C2 38,450.5 48,063.4
C3 47,037.86 58,797.87
C4 59,015.72 71,269.65
C5 72,236.48 84,845.6
D1 84,067.2 100,880.64
D2 101,564.28 117,988.92
D3 118,415.52 135,618.84
D4 135,978.94 151,823.37
D5 152,346.6 168,691.92
Current Basic Salaries For Teachers
J. G Minimum salary (ksh Maximum salary
B5 21,756 27,195
C1 27,195 33,994
C2 34,955 43,694
C3 43,154 53,943
C4 52,308 65,385
C5 62,272 77,840
D1 77,840 93,408
D2 91,041 109,249
D3 104,644 125,573
D4 118,242 141,891
D5 131,380 157,656

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