Uhuru Promotes CBC boss To PS to oversee Scrapping of 8-4-4

Teachers of Technical Subjects to Teach in More Than One School Under CBC

The Education Ministry has given a raft of recommendations to deal with the shortage of technical subject teachers, one of them sharing of teachers among various schools within the county.

Should this proposal be adopted, the affected teachers will offer their services in multiple schools, under guided instructions from the Teachers Service Commission.

According to the Curriculum Reforms and Implementation PS Fatuma Chege, optional subjects being taught in junior secondary schools may need more time to get adequate teachers.

“We can think of engaging roving teachers by rationalising available ones, identifying which teacher can teach what subject,” Chege said.

Chege, who once taught in a school teacher, was speaking during the Catholic schools principals’ conference.

In  an example given by the ps, they would share their French teacher with other schools when she was a student at St George’s girls.

“What used to happen is our French teacher would come to school once and have a session with all the classes on Monday and from there, she would teach other schools,” she said.

Additionally, as a music teachers in high school, Chege would also teach in several schools across the week because she had few lessons in her main school.

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Chege urged school principals to avail the list of subjects they can offer in junior secondary school.

This, she said, would allow students to select from a variety of subjects, while being placed in their respective institutions.

“The minimum optional subjects you can offer as a school is three. There are some schools that have already elected the subjects because of available infrastructure,” Chege said.

Due to the double intake of CBC learners and 2022 Form 1 students, the PS urged the principals to avoid demarcating the groups.

Chege said most schools have secluded CBC classrooms in one part of the school, away from the other classrooms.

“You find one block of classrooms in a school and when you ask about CBC classrooms, you are shown some structure in some bush,” she said.

The PS said this infrastructure ‘bias’ should not be extended to the learners in different curricula.

“As a school, you should receive the kids as secondary learners despite their age to avoid the conceptual problem,” she said.

The optional subjects are visual arts, performing arts, home science, computer science, Kenyan sign language and indigenous languages.

Foreign languages to be offered are French, German, Mandarin and Arabic.

According to the Basic Education Curriculum Framework, learners are expected to choose a minimum of one and a maximum of two subjects.

The pioneer cohort of CBC, currently in Grade 6, is expected to join junior secondary next year.

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