The Kenyan Teachers National Pressure Group

Teachers Pressure Group Hints At Forming A union, Urges Teachers To Dump KNUT and KUPPET

Kenya National Teachers Pressure Group (KNTPG) has hinted at transforming into a teachers’ union soon since they are not satisfied with the manner in which the KNUT and KUPPET are handling teachers’ affairs.

According to KNTPG advocates, the frustrations of teachers following the roll out of Teachers Professional Development (TPD), is their biggest driving force.

KNTPG Spokesperson Martha Omollo and the Eastern region representative Salvin Munene noted they will transform into a union as soon as possible if teachers decide to pursue that direction, noting that the representation of KNUT and KUPPET is frustrating teachers.

“We cannot continue paying our monies to unions that are not speaking for us. If unions can’t speak for us, we’ll speak for ourselves,” said the agitated Omollo.

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On his part, Munene blamed the current unions for not addressing issues directly affecting teachers. “Teachers are frustrated by the unions’ representation. Our leaders signed a non-monetary CBA and don’t listen to teachers on matters to do with health care insurance cover provider. In KUPPET, they mutilated the Constitution and came up with the so called ‘Corona’ Constitution. The top leadership did not call an National Governing Council meeting to ratify the mutilation. The illegitimate constitution does not allow any teacher to rise to a national position. The current National Executive Board did not allow any election to national offices this year after the expiry of 5 years. Currently they have imposed themselves on teachers. If teachers decide that our group should mutate into a union, we can explore that direction, “said Munene.

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Omollo and Munene, who are members of Knut and Kuppet respectively and are still in teaching service noted that the group is almost one month old since its formation towards the end of September this year, following the pressure the teachers were exerting on them due to frustration by both Knut and Kuppet notably in the roll out of TPD by TSC most recently and added that their activities are restricted to weekends, holidays and after 5:30 p.m. weekdays.

“The pressure group is hardly 1 month. It was formed about two weeks when a group of teachers who were disgruntled with the roll out of TPD and the manner in which the Chief Executive Officer referred to teachers as unskilled and semi-skilled. Teachers are not happy with policies brought about only to keep taking away money from their pay slips,” said Omollo.

Munene added that, “Teachers wanted teachers in other leadership positions not in unions to provide answers to their frustrations. The frustrations are affecting all of us in this Noble profession, and we want to seek solutions while still teaching our dear students.”

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