Teachers To Be Denied Salary Hike, Promotions In July Due To A Missing CBA

Teachers’ annual salary increment and promotions in July 2021 are uncertain due to deliberately delayed 2021-2025 collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

The teachers service commission, TSC is yet to provide a counter offer to the teacher unions. Neither has TSC invited the unions for a meeting to decide on a workable way, amid revelations that treasury has maintained that the government has no funds.

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Teachers’ unions have called for interventions and have demanded that they be invited for a meeting to discuss their proposals and agree on the salary increments and promotions for teachers. The unions have also demanded for a direction from salaries and remunerations commission, SRC, to avert this stalemate.

Kenya national union of teachers chairman, Wilson Sossion, has said it’s a sad situation to see the current CBA coming to an end yet no efforts are being made to sign the new agreement to guide the welfare of teachers.

“There is currently no new CBA for teachers. What that means is that teachers will miss their salary increments in July and teachers will not get promotions,” said session.

The ksh. 54B 2017-2021CBA, which is operating currently, is expected to end on 30th June. In the final phase of the CBA, TSC, promoted 16,152 teachers. Another 1000 diploma teachers are expected to be promoted towards the end of June.

For further promotions and salary increments to be effected by the TSC, the new CBA is expected to give guidance, without which, there wont be promotions and salary increments.

Legally, TSC is required to ask trade unions their counter proposals a year before the expiry of the running CBA. The trade unions are then required to submit their proposals within 60 days. within 30 days, TSC is required to submit the proposals of the trade unions to the SRC.

The SRC then provides parameters of the CBA negotiations within another 30 days. After all those, the law requires TSC to issue a counter offer within 60 days of receiving the negotiation parameters.

“Once the negotiations are concluded within the advised parameters by the SRC, TSC requests for clearance to have the CBA Registered,” reads a section of the SRC negotiation guidelines.

The request for clearance takes 14 days and the SRC issues a letter of clearance within five days. In summary, conclusion of the entire process takes one year.

Kenya union of special needs education teachers, KUSNET, secretary general, James Toome, said the union is already receiving pressure from teachers who want to know the state of the CBA.

However, Kenya union of post primary education teachers, KUPPET secretary general Akello Misori said TSC wrote to them recently informing them that they will be invited for a discussion.

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