Teachers to Upload schemes, notes and lesson plans in TSC provided E-mails

Teachers to Upload schemes, notes and lesson plans in TSC provided E-mails

A couple of months ago, teachers were instructed by the teachers service commission to activate their emails. The 90 day exercise is ending on 30th April 2021, beyond which no more email activations will be accepted for the teachers who are currently in service. Teachers who have not activated their emails should click here to avoid these consequences.

A section of teachers who complied simply did it without foreseeing the logics in acquiring a TSC provided email, yet TSC already had their emails. Furthermore, no one questioned why TSC opted for Microsoft outlook365 or Microsoft office365.

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Microsoft outlook365 is very unique and advanced compared to other email platforms like yahoo and Gmail. Some of its unique features include;

  • In built office packages like word, excel and publisher, PowerPoint, outlook, etc
  • Onedrive for cloud storage of documents. These documents can be edited within the email without downloading them
  • Teams for creating groups of a common interest
  • Sway for sharing documents
  • Sharepoint for sharing documents

Looking at those features, one can easily judge the intention of TSC with those emails after 30th, despite them being idle for the last three months.

A TSC insider left our team in suspense when approached concerning those emails. “The commission is working round the clock to digitize everything including lesson notes and schemes of work. Filling of TPAD also requires permanent evidence, which only outlook365 can retain for a big number of people like teachers. Remember teachers just talk of having these documents yet there is nothing on the ground. They award themselves appraisal marks for collaboration in TPAD, yet there is nothing to show. I hope you now understand the relevance of office365,” she told elimupedia team.

It is now evident that teachers will upload the following in their office365 emails;

  • Daily lesson notes used and associated lesson plans. These will be uploaded daily in note book.
  • Any quizzes, Cats and Exams given with their marking schemes. These will be uploaded under forms Forms.
  • Schedule of meetings.
  • Minutes of meetings held.
  • Student progress records and marks for Cats exams. These Will be uploaded in excel
  • Prepared class videos for ICT integration. These will be uploaded under stream.
  • Sharing of reports in sway.
  • Team work activities will be uploaded under teams
  • Streamed lesson videos of classroom lessons will be uploaded under Videos.
  • Schemes of work

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Everything done by the teacher daily will be loaded in files on His/ her email. The Microsoft Email shall be like a data base to store the activities of the teacher on daily basis. Matters Transfer, Promotion, Discipline, Appointment Shall be pegged on the data as uploaded on the email account. teachers who will not have complied will like face these consequences.

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  1. It’s time to either install wifi in all work stations or include communication allowance in teacher payslips….
    Beside that, it will remain a street talk

  2. I pray that God helps me get a better way of earning income.The employer seems ready to not only kill but also bury teachers. Delocalization, stagnation for years,scrapped medical allowance, new deduction,etc

  3. Infact we need a total support in this E mail plan…we are ready to explore more. The bundles or internet expenses to be included in our payslip for easy affordability.

  4. Am not sure this is what TSC is planning but if it’s true then teaching profession in Kenya will be the best paying since only few serious people will remain and hence shall be paid very well.

  5. Tsc to employ secretaries in all schools, at what time willteachers teach and work on tbeir phone to update all these work?? Should we work on phones and laptops the whole day to secure our job or deliver for learnerto gain?? Be realistic. Stop fault finding mission and let teachers work the way they were trained in college

  6. This madness by the employer who has no touch with reality is killing the proffesion. Too much clerical work is compromising lesson preparation and by extension quality delivery. Teaching has been converted into a very useless proffession!!

  7. I suggest these tsc officers should go to class themselves first and do this job trial for only one term to see if it works other than bull dossing unrealistic policy on teachers.
    This is madness and it is aimed at fault finding mission.

    I am sure this would kill the already ailing teaching career in kenya.

  8. This is total madness, kindly include communication allowance… What about the marginalised teachers like those in lamu east…no power no network…


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