TSC Inhibits KNUT Members From Applying For The Ongoing Promotion Vacancies

Teachers Who Exited KNUT Get Massive Rewards From TSC

Teachers, who pressed the red button for the Kenya national union of teachers KNUT, cannot regret their move since their December pay had all the CBA 2017-2021 arrears, backdated to July.

The group of teachers also got promotions to the next job group since quitting KNUT meant that they have accepted the career progression guidelines, (CPG), that their former union opposed.

Over 32,000 primary school teachers, previously in job group B5, all got promoted to C1, rescuing them from unbearable stagnation, that they unwillingly endured for years under the KNUT’s schemes of service.

KNUT membership currently stands at less than 10,500, all the way from 144,000. It is projected that KNUT Membership will even go lower, upon successful completion of the ongoing promotion process.

Analytically, KNUT did not receive any funds from TSC in August, September and December 2020. In November 2020, KNUT received union dues amounting to only ksh. 20,000,000, downwards from ksh. 144,000,000 in June 2019.

This membership stalemate affecting KNUT, can be traced from a dispute KNUT had with TSC, where CPG was ruled illegal by justice Byrum Ong’aya. KNUT has since opposed CPG, insisting that TSC should use schemes of service to promote teachers. Under the schemes of service, teachers should be promoted based on merit, seniority, vacancies, academic and professional qualifications.

Most of The teachers who got their arrears have praised CPG, for effecting their promotions, unlike SOS, which ensured their stagnation for ages.

Under SOS, promotion of p1 teachers was based on proficiency courses, which they took as prescribed by TSC.CPG will ensure that P1 teachers get promoted in the common cadre promotions on merit after every three years.

KNUT members, since they are subscribed to SOS, do not benefit from some aspects of the 2017-2021 CBA.


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