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Teachers Who Fail Consistently in TPD Tests Likely Be Removed From Payroll

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is likely to weed out teachers who will prove consistency in performing poorly in the recently launched Teacher Professional Development (TPD) training programme.

According to reliable Sources at the TSC headquarters, the Commission plans to remain with a team of skilled employees, equipped with modern education.

According to reports from TSC, most teachers are inadequately trained and others ignore the stipulated professional standards, acts which negatively affect performance.

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TSC argues that the recent trends in Primary Teacher Education (PTE) revealed teachers’ weaknesses in ineffective teaching strategies, preparation of professional records, poor classroom management, incompetency in handling learners with special needs and weak assessment and feedback skills that necessitates the training.

TSC further claims that some head teachers and principals are unable to analyze books of accounts, prove effective communication with teachers and key stakeholders, build a spirit of shared goals for school improvement and also have poor resource utility skills. Additionally, TSC says content knowledge among a majority of teachers does not attain the set benchmark in English, Mathematics and Science due to poor content mastery.

Because of all these, TSC seeks to provide teachers with professional training and support throughout their teaching career.

TPD programme, which was launched on 22nd September 2021, has raised mixed reactions, with the teacher unions campaigning for the program relentlessly and the teachers opposing the same strongly.

In defense to the move, The Commission says it has a statutory mandate through TSC Act 2012 section 11(e) to facilitate professional development for teachers.

“Section 35(2)(a) and (b) of the Act and Regulations 48 & 49 of Code of Regulations for Teachers states that, all teachers are obligated to undertake professional development courses as prescribed by the Commission from time to time,” reads TPD framework.

Though the selected institutions are competing in winning teachers to enroll for the programme, most teachers have chosen to ignore the program and watch TSC sacking them after five years.

It has been revealed that teachers who will fail their TPD tests will have only one chance to do their supplementary tests. Only successful teachers will be issued with TPD points, transcript and a certificate after completion of every module.

A teacher will be issued with a teaching certificate after every five years and only after successfully taking the modules.

Those who will not have taken the Modules or failed will not be granted teaching license and may not be authorized to teach.

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