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Teachers Who Have Served For 3 Years to Get Salary Increment in July

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will only award salary increment to teachers who have served for at least three years in a job group.

The Commission got a nod when its request of sh.2.2 billion for promotion of teachers was approved by lawmakers in Parliament.

Teachers who have stagnated in one job group for a period of three years and more now have a reason to smile following this latest move.

Report of the Budget and Appropriations Committee (BAC) on the Budget Policy Statement (BPS) has also proposed additional allocation to enable TSC to promote about 14,000 teachers who despite having higher qualifications have stagnated in one position.

“Additional Sh2.2 billion (Recurrent) for the promotion of teachers,” reads the report of BAC chaired by Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

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The Commission plans to promote C1 teachers to C2, C2 to C3, C3 to C4.

Dr Macharia when she appeared in Parliament said Sh600 million will be used to move 4,595 primary school teachers, currently in Job Group C1, to Job Group C2.

Another Sh400 million will be used to promote 2,637 graduate teachers to Group C4 from Group C3. Over Sh175 million will be used to promote 652 graduate teachers in Grade D3 to Grade D4.

The commission is seeking to promote 13,713 principals, deputy principals, senior masters, secondary teachers, head teachers and deputy head teachers in secondary and primary schools.

The highest vacancies in this category are Deputy Head Teacher II for regular primary schools, which has 7,720 posts.

TSC will also promote 2,733 head teachers for regular primary schools,1,330 secondary teacher, 1,.725 deputy principal II.602 principals for regular schools,224 deputy principal III for secondary schools and some 208 Senior Master II.

There were also 73 vacancies for regular secondary school chief principals,32 head teachers for Special Needs Education (SNE),22 Deputy Head teachers for SNE schools,17 posts for deputy principal I, eight principals for SNE and four chief principles for SNE schools.

Currently TSC promotion interviews are ongoing in Counties. Among those shortlisted for promotion interviews are those seeking to be headteachers.

TSC already said those in acting capacity will be given priority more so those in ASAL and hard to staff areas.

The education committee’s chairman Julius Melly had urged the Commission to compensate and promote teachers who had stagnated in the same job group for many years as well as those who have been working in an acting capacity.

Committee also enhanced the budget of State Department for Basic Education to Sh134.92 billion as well as that of TSC which was allocated Sh322.64 billion up from Sh298 billion allocated in the current financial year to enable them take care of the Competency-Based Curriculum as well as Junior Secondary School.

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