TSC Confirms that July Slots Will be PNP, not Internship:Current Interns Likely to get confirmed

Teachers Who Quit Knut To be Forced back

The quitting of Sossion has revealed more details concerning the plight of members who opted out of Kenya national union of teachers KNUT. Less than a day after knut Secretary General, Wilson Sossion tendered its resignation, fresh details have emerged concerning the fate of the union which has been down for more than two years.

Sources close to the new KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu have revealed a systematic plan that will see the union revived and union dues deductions resumed.

The plan by top KNUT strategists may see TSC reverse its anti-union measures against Knut, through a serious dialogue. Restoration of healthy industrial relations, a good working environment, and the KNUT members register are projected.

Consequently, teachers may see a sudden Knut (Swas) deductions on their payslip without their authorisation.

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Sources have confirmed that once Oyuu takes over, the first thing will be to engage TSC in a series of discussions aimed at raising KNUT to what it was before Sossion.

“KNUT has seriously suffered in the hands of Sossion and one wonders how he would continue running the union without money and members. With Oyuu on the driver’s seat, reinstatement of membership register will be the top most priority so that we regain our stronger bargaining powers,” said one of Oyuu’s point men who sorted anonymity.

It seems like Oyuu and team are already worried about how they are going to run the union without money and that’s why they have already orchestrated a plan to extend an olive branch to TSC so that they work together.

Plans to reinstate KNUT register comes at a time when the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is facing accusations from a section of teachers for allowing deductions on their payslips without their consent.

According to the teachers, the Commission has turned into a franchise by allowing deductions against their will.

This section of secondary school teachers claimed they were illegally added to Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) membership yet they did not fill any form or visited any Kuppet offices for the services.

Some of the teachers are deployed P1 graduates who also said they were immediately added to Kuppet upon taking the offer of deployment to high school.

Since 2019 TSC has been accussed of sidelining some unions and favouring some with Knut accusing TSC of mutilating its membership register and denying it funds to cripple its operations.

In June 2019 Knut took the row over membership in the Kenya Women Teachers Association (Kewota) to the Ethnics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

The then Knut’s Secretary-General Wilson Sossion asked the EACC and the DCI to investigate officials at the TSC for allegedly colluding with Kewota to recruit teachers without their knowledge.

“It has come to our notice that the TSC has illegally executed check-off deductions of Sh200 per female teacher from 58,000 teachers who did not at all authorise their deductions,” Mr Sossion said in a letter to the agencies dated June 20, 2019.

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