Teachers Will Be Held Responsible If Learners Mess With Sanitisers: Magoha

Teachers Will Be Held Responsible If Learners Mess With Sanitisers: Magoha

Education CS George Magoha has said that the government will not allow large quantities of hand sanitisers in schools.According to the CS, only a maximum of five litres will be allowed in the whole school compound and only teacher will handle them.

During his tour of Kiangochi primary school, the CS argued that sanitisers have over 70 per cent alcohol content and might be misused by students.

“Our children are very creative and we all know what they may do with it. We will not allow over five litres of sanitisers to go into schools,” Magoha said.

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“Quantity of sanitisers should only be handled by teachers for the purpose of general school population when in public places”, he added.

Magoha further stated that should any of the learners misbehave with sanitisers, the teachers in that school will be held responsible since they are the ones in charge of handling sanitisers.

Magoha also noted that the government has procured over 7 million masks that will be issued strictly to children from very humble backgrounds.

The masks have been made by the National Youth Service (NYS) and Rivatex through efforts from the Ministry of education and Ministry of Health, and partners such as UNICEF and the Kenya Commercial Bank.

According to Magoha, face masks will be part of uniforms and no child will be allowed back in school without them.

“The government is ready to ensure that any child that genuinely requires masks acquires some because they will be mandatory and will be part of their school uniform. Children will not be sent for school fees, but they will not enter the school compound minus masks,” he added.

“Some people have been saying that procuring of masks by parents is a big challenge but it was not a problem when the first three classes re-opened three months ago and will not be now.”

He advised parents who are unable to buy surgical masks to acquire a pair of three-layered cloth masks for each child.

Magoha further noted that private schools will only be allowed to re-open if the number of children in a particular class conforms to the number of children in public school.

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