Top 10 Beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia is a small but very beautiful country in Asia. Of all the countries bordering water bodies, Malaysia has the most beautiful beaches. Tourists from other countries and continents flock Malaysia continuously just to have an experience of basking in one of its coastal towns. Outlined below are the top 10 beaches that make Malaysia to rank and the tourists should actually look for.

Sipadan Island Beach

This conspicuously beautiful beach became a darling to many after it was named the world’s best dive spot. One would surely love this place because of its pretty corals and an aquatic life that supports more than 28000 species. Many divers from the world at large love this place. One of the things that attracts many is the behavior of turtles here since they have a specific please where they are too old and are about to die.

Pangkor Island Beach

In between Kuala Lumpur and Penang is Pangkor Island. Hotels and resorts around this beach give you stay majestically with your family. The accommodation charges and services here are among the most affordable in Malaysia at large. You can as well spend a hot afternoon diving, hiring a boat and playing beach football here.

Mabul Island Beach

Mabul is a tiny island situated about less than an hour from a coastal Town called Semporna. This is actually one of the places that will remain memorable to you because it has very nice marine life and your visit is always met with a very warm hospitality with the accommodation from the classic resort specifically for you.

Layang Island Beach

This unique beach is located about 298 km Northwest of Kota Kinabalu in Saban. Many companies and families are known to spend their holidays at this place because of the enjoyment and fan around here. However it is good to not that visits to Layang Island Beach between September and February is not allowed because of the inconvenience caused by the monsoon.

Coral Beach

Redang Island embodies this great beach. And so many species of tropical are found here. The resort here gives you a very nice position from where you can stand as you view the rainforest. The staff at this beach resort are professionally behaved and can make you feel home away from home anytime you pay a visit.

Perhentian Kecil Island Beach

If you have been to Malaysia for a vacation and you have never been to this place then you have missed big. It is located about 20 km from the Terengganu coast. The geographical situation of Malaysian beaches makes it very convenient for snorkeling and scuba diving. So when you wish to take photos beneath the water surface it is also done here.

Tanjung Aru Beach

It is found in Kota Kinabalu, Saban in Borneo. If you have never been here then you need to visit this beach and feed your eyes with the beautiful sunrise in the morning and the wonderful sunset. The beach itself is very suitable for a family setup which may visit the place. There are also few resorts which give you the best treat through your time at this beach.

Golden Beach

Situated in Sarawak with an annex of more than 2.8 km. What makes it unique and extremely magnetic to the visitors is the fact that it is found in between a fresh water and a lake. You can comfortably walk from the lake as you head towards the ocean and enjoy the cool breeze of the two water bodies.

Palau Kapas Beach

The coast of Marang is where this nice beach is set. What makes it interesting about it is that you can just get to it through a simple boat ride from Kuala Lumpur. If you have been having too much brain work and you need a place you can just relax and enjoy the breeze as you gain peace of mind this is the most recommended beach for you.

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Kerachut Beach

It is rather located in a remote place within Penang National park. And since there are so many green turtles the Malaysian government thought it wise to have hatcheries for them. You are free to visit at any time and enjoy the culture and lifestyle of the Malaysian people. You are at liberty to travel to nearby resorts for purposes of meals and accommodation.

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