Top 10 Best Courier Companies in South Africa
One of the Fleets Owned by Globeflight

Shipping a package requires a delivery company that guarantees safety and on time delivery of your parcel. It becomes a plus if the services are affordable and the company has a tracker. In south Africa, there are courier companies that have offered the best since establishment and have been consistent in giving the best to their clients. Their prices are also affordable by the citizens and non- citizens of the region. Below are details of those companies.

 1. Globe flight Courier Limited

It boasts of proper customer satisfaction since 1998. It not only operates within south Africa but also internationally. It offers overnight services, hourly deliveries and day express deliveries. It has branches in cape town, Johannesburg, port Elizabeth, London among others.

 2. The Courier Guy Limited

Though a very large company today, the courier guy began in early 2000 with only one motorcycle and one rider. It has a workable slogan that probably enables it to provide the best products and services to its clients. Of all the things they value, clients and products top the list. Their services include; night deliveries, express deliveries, economy deliveries among others, depending on the urgency of the customer. The customers are informed where their cargo have reached in the course of transportation to ease their impatience.

3. Fastway Courier Services Limited

Its logistics services are extremely cheap and overly reliable. It relies so much on the most recent technologies, to offer tracking of the parcels to the clients, making it one of the best courier company for personal and business courier options. It has over 280 destinations within south Africa.

4. Time Freight Limited

Established in 1984, Time freight has won the hearts of its customers since its reliability is upbeat. It offers up to overnight door- door deliveries, based on the desires of its clients. It has many branches within the country with its main branch in Pieter maritz burg.

5. Dawn Wing Courier Limited

This is one of the most competent logistic companies within and outside Cape town. It can deliver parcels weighing above 40 kilo grams. It also has tracking options that notify the client on the progress of the cargo, thanks to its modern technology installations.

6. Door- Door Courier Limited

In terms of efficiency in delivery of cargos, this company stands proudly among the best in south Africa. This has been proved by confessions of the senders and recipients after being served as per their orders. They offer overnight delivery services, normal cargos, budget cargos, international exports/imports and many more attractive logistic services options.

7. Post Net courier services Limited

Having existed for over 30 years, Post Net boasts of more than 400 branches worldwide. It offers both local and international logistic solutions. It is one of the biggest courier companies in the country and has a global ranking.

8. Courier It services Limited

The services of this company are tailored to meet the demands of the customers. All its offices through out the country are monitored using a computerized technique to ensure punctual deliveries and receival of parcels and also to ensure competency in dealing with the customers.

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9. City Logistics Limited

With its main branch in Johannesburg, City Logistics limited has more branches in major towns of South Africa. It has broken the south African borders to extend its services to Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. It has enough space for storage of the cargoes before delivery to the recipients.

10. Ram Hand -Hand logistics limited  

Within south Africa, this company has 50 plus branches to offer admirable convenience to its customer. It has also invested in cars for transportation and people to manage the offices and deliver the cargos. So far, it has over 2000 vehicles and more than 2500 employees to ensure deliveries are within the timelines provided by the clients.

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