Top 10 Best Courier Service Providers in Kenya
A Cargo Bus Belonging to Fargo Courier Services

When planning to send parcels or items to locations within Kenya an efficient courier company is required since with our busy schedules, we may not be able to do hand deliveries. An efficient courier company is judged by its prices and the duration it takes to deliver the cargo. The courier company that charges comparatively cheaper and delivers within a shorter time always take the day. Of course, there are other factors like hospitality and accessibility, but efficiency beats all other factors.

Among the many courier service providers in Kenya, the companies below are the ones to look for if you want your cargo delivered within the shortest time possible.

1. Fargo Courier Limited

This logistics company has so far, the highest number of employees compared to other logistics companies in East Africa. It has depots in the entire country. The services are customized based on the needs of the customer. They do same day deliveries, overnight deliveries and even international deliveries. with their guaranteed security, they even do cash deliveries throughout the world. Their phone numbers are; 0728606461 or 0703077000.

2. G4S Kenya Limited

Apart from courier and logistics services, G4S Limited also offers security services. Among its courier offers include; warehouse services, cross border offers, parcel deliveries, on date deliveries, hourly express deliveries and many more services. Their contacts are;0732171000 or 0703011000

3. Roy Parcel Services Limited

It started operating in the year 2000 and has satisfactorily served Kenyans in services pertaining to logistics and transport. It is well equipped with motorbikes, cars and lorries that can carry up to twenty -five tonnes, depending on the desires of the customers. Their contacts are: (+254) 202 530 555 or 0738068210

4. Timeless Courier Limited

Compared to all known courier service providers, timeless courier services guarantee its clients the cheapest logistics options. It is found along Karen road. Their contact is (+254) 02 0236 9983.

5. EMS Kenya Limited

EMS services are located in all Postal Cooperation of Kenya offices country wide. Most of their services revolve around parcel deliveries throughout the country. Their contacts are;(+254) 772 770 513 or (+254) 20 3242 387.

6. Courier Plus Limited

They do day deliveries within and outside Nairobi at affordable prices. Their offices are along Mombasa road in Nairobi. They can be contacted through (+254) 780 232 235

7. Runex Courier services Limited

It has operated for 12 years in Kenya and currently offers not only courier services but also cab services. Their contact is 0722523704.

8. Speedball Courier Services Limited

This company offers day and night courier services within Nairobi and its environs. It is found in Embakasi Nairobi and can be contacted at 0728492446 or 0799869844.

9. Classic Courier Services Limited

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Located along Nairobi’s river road, this company offers services in Nairobi and its surrounding counties, during the day. The contacts are: 0721721251 or 0718047242.

10. Mambo Express Courier Limited

Established along Mombasa road in Nairobi, mambo express offers daily deliveries within Nairobi and its environs. They can be contacted through: 0731234573, or 0728 857099.

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