Top 10 Best Courses for C plain and Below Students

most people believe that success in life means scoring an A plain in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. The same group of people think that those who score grades C, D and E have no place in this world.From experience,I have seen holders of grade D becoming bosses of grade A students.

This happens when courses are chosen with a higher level of wisdom. Diploma and certificate courses, though a ‘preserve for ‘non performers’, may elevate a committed learner. A good number of diploma courses are considerably finer than undergraduate courses.

Below are diploma and certificate courses that if students who score C and below pursue, they will grow faster than students who perform better.

Diploma/Certificate Course in Human Resource Management

This creates decision making professionals in any given working station where their services are highly considered for the betterment of a business. Apart from getting employment, one can start up a company or consultation portal. Through companies, institutions or any other business body consulting the professional, good work relationship between employee and employer is created hence improving productivity. By consultation the business bodies are able to file their returns effortlessly. In addition, the staff learns on how to complete declaration forms together with working around their appraisals. This is a highly earning course if well organized.

Diploma/ Certificate Course in Graphic and Web Design

The dominance in this course is skills of creating a website perfectly.  It is an employment that does not hold you confined but freelancing, reaching out on clients in need. This can earn one ticket to common wealth countries. Through business clients the income scale remains admirable as many of operators love having their sites where they comfortably can advertise their products limiting much movement which consumes a lot of their time. Printing of logos for celebrities, institutions among the rest. This is a job stationed as everything is online based.

Diploma/ Certificate Course in Project Management

With skills offered for the course, one manages time in working on projects as a number of companies or firms depend on him or her. Time management is observed.

The course aid in acquiring of skills for project data collection, analyzing and designing. The job is flexibly managed allowing one attend on any other activity that can still earn him or her extra cent. The good thing is you comfortably can choose your own clients and avoid stress accompanied with a lot of drama.

Diploma/ Certificate Course in Business Management

This goes hand in hand with information technology as most business structures are online. With computer skills online, business management is enabled through making communication to different companies and comparing their sales with commodities. Running your own firm is easy with skills provided and  making comparison of prices offered on different goods. One can manage acquiring an employment and concurrently operating own business.

Diploma/ Certificate Course in Supplies and Purchasing

This plays same role as human resource, the manager being considered as main decision maker in any given institution. The in charge makes sure a given organization meets its objectives. It does not force one get into employment as all these can be organized in one’s firm via online consultation. The professional is able to balance his or her work life hence avoiding rush hour stress.

 Diploma/Certificate Course in Accounting and Finance

The best institution for this course is the Kenya Institute on Management, as a managerial best college well known in the whole of East Africa.

The course is highly on demand as many who acquire it prefer starting their own firms. In our everyday life accounts apply and that is why it will remain as a unit whether one is taking it as a profession or not. By being self-employed it helps in dynamic work flow leading to spending less and earning more. Here a lot of consultation is done by organizations.

Diploma/ Certificate Course in Architecture

With the much rising of constructions, more architectural techniques are needed. Though the course is perceived one for school dropouts, it is the most earning profession. A lot of contracts are offered to the most aggressive architects. They become the chief Executive Officers of their own companies carrying out the hiring and firing strategies. The officer works under no supervision and works whenever comfortable but makes sure he or she meets target.

Diploma/Certificate Course in Pharmacy

Nice course for self-employment. It only needs capital then a proper site for allocating the chemistry. With proper stalk, better income is for sure. Proper skills help the pharmacist advice the patient accordingly via the patient’s explanation or carrying out some tests. The job is not demanding as you are your own boss. Losses are on the lower end as you remain the manager.

Diploma/ Certificate Course in Electrical Engineering

A great course to bring you food on the table.  Power is an essential need mostly when it comes to industries, hospitals, institutions, and domestic use. More technicians both in self and employment are needed as three quarters of our operation depend much on power. The earnings are admirable.

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Diploma/ Certificate Course in Mass Communication /Journalism

Many people have a notion that mass communication is all about employment and not independent job. That is wrong for it is a very demanding course moreover while in the outside world. Starting own studio earns more than anything as long as your network is to point. Orders for wedding, funerals, occasions, meetings among others video taking and photography is key for memories. This is a well-paying job. One can even be picked on to publish an article for a school or institution. This is the best place to be.

graduates of this course can be columnists in a newspaper company or can start blogging for better earnings.

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