Top 10 Best KMTC Short Courses
KMTC students in a past graduation ceremony.

Top 10 Best KMTC Short Courses

Medical courses rank among the most marketable, most prestigious, most coveted and highest paying courses globally. In Kenya, a good number of colleges offer health related courses, and the Kenya medical training college, KMTC, ranks among the best. KMTC even offers some courses that are not available in most Kenyan public universities.

KMTC offers a number of courses, short course being among them. Most short courses are in service courses, meant for professionals who are out for capacity building.

However, some short courses are preservice and are open to anyone, so long as they are interested and they meet the qualifications, which in most cases are not so demanding. Form Four leavers who do not qualify to pursue diploma and certificate courses at KMTC yet are still interested in being skilled healthcare professionals can start with a short course and climb the ladder slowly till they reach their dream level. However, one has got increase his/ her levels of patience and self-discipline

A marketable short course enables those who pursue it not only to seek employment but also to sell their services through self-employment.

Some of the most marketable KMTC short courses are as summarized in the list below.  You can read more about the course by clicking on it.

  1. A KMTC short course in HIV Training and Counseling Services
  2. A KMTC short course in Echocardiography
  3. A KMTC short course in Monitoring & evaluation
  4. A KMTC short course in Entrepreneurship in health care.
  5. A KMTC short course in First aid and basic life support
  6. A KMTC short course in Sign Language for Health workers
  7. A KMTC short course in critical care nutrition
  8. A KMTC short course in Counseling skills for Healthcare Professionals
  9. A KMTC short course in adherence counselling
  10. A KMTC short course in Community Health Foundation

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