Top 10 Cheapest Fitness Centers and Gyms in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu county
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Top 10 Cheapest Fitness Centers and Gyms in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu county.

Uasin Gishu county boasts of several fitness centres to cater for the health and fitness demands of its residents. The cheapest and best fitness centres in that county are described below.

1. Veecam Fitness Centre

This fitness Centre is installed at Veecam house, along Oloo street. Its major aim in the training sessions is good life and fitness to the customers.

The programs here include salsa dancing moves, yoga training, Zumba training, body tones, cardio vascular programs, body building exercises, aerobics among more training activities.

 2. Eden’s gymnasium

This fitness Centre is in a very large room that can accommodate more than 100 persons at a time. With its most modern training equipment, it is up to date with the trending work outs in the field of fitness. Among the fun activities here are fitness dancing moves, training of strength, circuit training, martial training, among other activities that their clients can be interested in.

The training materials are there for any work out that you may want. There is hot or cold shower after training.

It is located at Pemugu building, along Uganda road.

3. Power Gym and Fitness Centre

Opened daily from Sunday to sunday, this fitness Centre has offered applicable fitness solutions to the people and guests of Kisumu city. It trains all sorts of aerobics, marathon races, rumba dancing moves, sonder dancing moves, yoga, spinning, circuits, among many other skills. The training machines in this Centre are adorable including: various cardio vascular machines, cabling machines, dumb bells, kettle bells and plates. Trainers here are more into the trainees goals than their own personal goals.

It is located in Once building next to the holiness church of Calvary, off Kisumu road.

4. Billy’s fitness Depot

This fitness Centre not only specializes in fitness but also the health of the clients. Most Celebrities visit this facility, with its excessively huge space, the Centre offers cardio vascular training exercises, yoga training, weight moderations, aerobics and boxing classes. Changing chambers and parking lot are designed to attract any first timer. It is located close to central bank, along Sirikwa road.

5. Steps Gym and Spa

This is among the most modern fitness Centre in the county. Its unique plan gives the trainees a chance to relax during fitness training. It has hospitable instructors, who are always willing to assist the trainees, irrespective of their level of training and fitness.

The gym has a physiotherapy room with professional physiotherapists, whose role is to give trainees that soothing massage after a duration of rigorous fitness training.

The gym also has trainers in dancing, yoga, boxing, physical aerobics, karate, spinning, Zumba and swiss ball.

It is located in Johannesburg plaza, along Oloo street.

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6. Moi University Gymnasium

This fitness Centre is the best place to lose extra pounds, stationed at Moi university, main campus. It offers stationery cycling, heart fitness, body weight workout, among others.

7. Trimm Gymnasium and fitness Centre.

This fitness Centre is stationed within Eldoret town. It has professional instructors. Talk of modernity and trim trims all other fitness centres within the county.

Among the activities offered here are weight lifting, aerobics, and weight training.

 8. King fisher Youth Centre

King fisher Youth and fitness Centre has overtime won the trust of kisumu residents. Its trainings are unique in Zumba, Tae Kwondo, and aerobics. The state of art training machines here include dump bells, cardiovascular machines, cross cabling machines, and cycling machines. It operates from Sunday to Sunday.

9. St. Luke’s Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital

This spacious fitness Centre is located next to the Temple Hindu in Eldoret town. All the staff here are professionals in their respective areas and know how to handle their clients. The gym operates up to 1900hours daily, keeping its clients under no pressure to obey the closing hours. The changing room here are equipped with drawers to keep your wallet and car keys.

10. University of Eldoret Gymnaesium

This fitness Centre is located UOE, main campus, just before sogomo market. The training activities here include, Weight lifting and muscle building among others. The training facilities are upto date and can assist any person to stay fit.

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