Top 10 cheapest Fitness Centres and Gyms in Dar-es-Salaam.
Some of the fitness Facilities at Body Fuel

Top 10 cheapest Fitness Centres and Gyms in Dar-es-Salaam.

Fitness centres not only make people physically fit but also serve as the best places to evade boredom and lifestyle Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam, there are very many fitness centres but and among them, the top 10 best and cheapest are described below.

1. SWAS Fitness & Aerobics Centre

This fitness Centre has tailored activities to suit all the clients, gender and ages. The trainers are professional and engage the trainees in the following activities: Zumba training, body tones, physical aerobics, body building exercises, among others. Those who are interested in karate training and boxing training are also given sessions. For enquiries, call +255222152027.

2. Body Line Health & Fitness Centre

This fitness Centre is concerned with both the health and the fitness of its clients. It has a variety of modern machines, all designed to meet the body fitness demands of Tanzania residents. Activities include body building, spinning, workouts, rumba dance moves, aerobics among others, meant for both men and women. It is located at Mayfair plaza, along Mwai Kibaki road. Enquiries can be made through +255660022.

3. Body Fuel Fitness Centre

This spa and fitness Centre is located along the Village walk. Its physiotherapy sessions with qualified therapists after fitness workouts create a soothing effect on the customers that make them want to train more. Apart from the normal sessions like spinning, cycling, rope jumping, dancing, circuit cabling among others, the spa offers a one on one chance between the clients and the over competent trainers. The staff can be reached through +255675911148.

4. UDSM Fitness Centre

This fitness Centre  is established along Sinza road. The activities offered here include muscle building, Zumba training, cardio training exercises, body tones and aerobic training exercises. The training facilities state of the art and adequate for all the trainees. The office can be reached through +255764261.

5. Dar Gym & Fitness Centre

This fitness Centre is a hub with activities tailored for all categories of people. It is well equipped with the latest training machines and training techniques. Activities here include gymnastics, dancing, weight lifting, among others.

It is located along Mwaya street and the staff can be reached through +255719617045.

6. Azura Health Fitness Gym and Centre

This Fitness Gym has proved to be among the places to lose extra pounds in the city. Its modernity and diverse training equipment are irresistible. Activities include aerobic training, modern dance moves, weight moderation and Zumba. It is also a hub for socialization and networking. It is located within the central business district. For more enquiries, call +255 786089780

7. The Fitness Zone

The fitness Centre is located within the central business district. It offers physical fitness assistance, aerobics training, muscle building training and body building training activities. For enquiries, call +255746111395.

8. Home Gym

This well-equipped fitness Centre is located along Uhuru street. The trainers are qualified and would offer their best to satisfy your fitness desires. It is an ideal place for people of all age and gender. The contacts are +255653106306.

9. Universal Gym and Body fitness Centre

This is a fitness Centre in Dar that uniquely takes the clients through a proper dietary training as they work on their body weight. The activities here include cycling, yoga, sakata dancing, circuit cabling, body building among others. They can be reached through +255655700117

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10. Uhuru Fitness Club

The training services and equipment in this fitness Centre are miles beyond the definition of quality. They offer individual training programs, group training programs, nutritional education, among others. The modern equipment owned by this facility include resisting machines cardio machines, dumb, stationer bikes among others. It is located along Uhuru street. For enquiries, contact +255682191563.

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