Top 10 companies that pay interns.
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So many interns have an interest to work for companies which guarantee them some little money for the various services they offer to those companies. The advantage in this is that as one gets to study and get into the practical field in education he or she is able to get some money which may facilitate his stay at the given company.

1. Kenya Revenue Authority.

For anyone who gets an internship at KRA it is a dream come true. This is because in the month of May every year internship is offered. The application can be done majorly in two ways. The first way is by traveling to Times Tower with your hardcopy KRA documents and living them at the KRA offices or one can use the postal office to send the application. THE address is P.O Box 48240-00100 Nairobi. At KRA an intern earns between 10000 to 30000 shillings per month. One can also be offered a contract of 3 years after impressive work and this comes along with a salary of up to 59000 shillings per month

2. Accounting and audit firms.

Some accounting and audit firms are very useful and supportive to their interns because they pay them salaries. (PWC) Private Waterhouse Coo which sometimes employs interns is known to pay them between 40000 shillings to 59000shillings. This amount is fair since it allows the intern to manage his duty with few or no financial constrains which may jeopardize his services.

3. Media companies.

Radio Africa is one of the companies which has been noted for some time to be providing payment to interns. Kiss TV, Classic 105 and Kiss FM are owned by this firm. A privilege to work at this media house as an intern is an assurance of a payment of not less than 34500 shillings payment for interns per month.

4. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

This institution is concerned with collection of data and tis is occurs as often as every day. It is thus good to not that this kind of work requires to carry out the data collection process. For interns here 5000 shillings is paid monthly. The advantage many interns have at KNBS is that the experience here alone acts as a great booster to them in the job market and chances of getting internship here is 90% possible.

5. Madison Insurance.

Madison insurance is one of the insurance companies which employs interns almost at any month of the year. If you are fortunate enough to get employment at Madison you have high chances of being retained. At Madison Insurance intern are paid a monthly salary of 20000 shillings.

6. Cooperative Bank.

In the early days Cooperative Bank was known for recruiting graduate trainees but all that has changed. Currently the bank mainly recruits sales people as such you can easily apply for sales vacancy even when you are still in school. At Cooperative bank interns earn a salary of 10000 shillings to 30000 shillings.

7. Regulatory Authority.

This government institution is mainly concerned with the field of actuarial science. If you are lucky to succeed after applying for internship here. You can have as much as 35000 shillings and above as you payment every month at your internship.

8. Brookside Dairy Limited.

It is headquartered in Ruiru. Most of the jobs here are in one way or another related to sales executives. The chances of having an interview here is 85%. Interns can earn 5000 shillings in a month as salary.

9. Lake Basin Development Authority.

It is a government company that is centered on helping the social and economic lives of the people found within the Lake Victoria basin. Interns here are from various faculties like business, accounts, economics, and community health among others. Interns receive 5500 shillings monthly.

10. United Nations.

After a big outcry around the world, the United Nations resorted to paying its interns. In Kenya the United Nation is one of the agencies that offers internship to those who apply for it. The interns at any UN agencies in Kenya earn not less than 10000 shillings.

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