Top 10 latest car models in the world.
ferrari laferrari 2020 model

The rising rate of innovation has pushed companies into manufacturing the most unique ever vehicles. Politicians, executives and celebrities use this vehicles because of the conspicuous nature that they come with and the prestigious factor.  Limousines and hammers are among latest models that attract many wealthy people.

1. Dodge Viper Limousine Convertible.

With a little imagination you can picture almost any car being stretched into a limo version of itself. It was created by a company called Unique Movie Cars. The car was first displayed in a car show at Los Vegas. It carries a maximum of twelve passengers.

Top 10 latest car models in the world.
Dodge Viper Limousine convertible

2. Jaguar XJ

It is just much of a sports car judging from it the appearance. The speed of this car can be compromised based on the desire of the driver. It has a great ability off and on the road which makes it marketable to anyone. Because of these characteristics the jaguar can be conveniently driven within the city or at countryside.

Top 10 latest car models in the world.
Jaguar XJ Model 2020

3. Ferrari LaFerrari.

It is almost impossible to speak about a modern sports car without mentioning the Ferrari. It goes for just 1.4 million pounds. The dry weight is around 2850 pounds. If you are in a hurry, this car will save your time and money greatly. It only takes 3.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 59 miles/hour. It has a maximum of 217mph.

4. Lamborghini Veneno

This one comes with a state of the art on board technology. It has a 165kW public charging which is accompanied with 200 to 350 miles on charge. It has a bullet proof body which makes it very essential for dignitaries and executives. This Lamborghini is described as a sit-back car since it has a super comfortable interior.

Top 10 latest car models in the world.
Lamborghini Veneno model of 2020

5. Range Rover.

The driver’s position is the highest rated position. What makes it more advantageous is that despite having modern and luxurious features, it is also a master when having an off-road ride. The quality of the seats within it is world class, not to talk of the internal air conditioning that gives you the best ever feeling as you travel.

6. BMW X7.

This car possesses a combination of optional adaptive air suspension with pioneering informative, entertainment and convenience features. The driver is also at liberty to choose between front-wheel-drive and back-wheel-drive. The engines of this car are relatively quiet, they are also very powerful and efficient properties.

7. Lexus LS.

This type of car has been a darling to the hearts of motor lovers.  It has four trim levels with the one on top having lots of equipment. Nevertheless if dynamics are anything to go by then the LS must go through a series of upgrades to attain luxurious titles. For those who enjoy sound, this car is the best choice for them since it is a little noisy.

8. Audi A8.

This one comes with some of the latest features that are more advanced and sophisticated. The powertrain of this car is the latest among all vehicle models. This gives it the characteristic of the only car in the world that guarantees the driver absolute autonomy.  The driver can choose between the turbo charged engines, the petrol or the diesel engines. Notably this car is a four-wheel-drive and has a great hybrid status. The feeling of its interior is also unique and luxurious.

9. Mercedes Benz S Class

This company is always a top competitor in the motor industry and is always striving to make the best cars in the world. The car’s function style is incredible. It also comes with a choice of four petrol and two diesel engines. The car has very modern and upgraded shock absorbers to give you a smooth ride to your destination of choice. It also has a very spacious interior to give you that majestic feeling as you travel.

10. Superbus.

Top 10 latest car models in the world.
Superbus model of 2020

It is an electric modern type off limousine. It is mainly made to support advanced public transportation. It is a fifty foot electric vehicle with a sitting for 23 passengers. It is almost similar to a luxury jet and it runs on solar power. It is constructed of light aluminum and fiber glasses and moves at an average of 150mph. it has 16 doors on it, 8 along each side. They open vertically to allow easy entry and exit for passengers.

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