Top 10 Most Comfortable Buses in East Africa

Long distance travelling demands that the passengers get the highest level of comfort they deserve. This is attributed to the fact that sitting in the same place and position for more than 7 hours is not only a health and social hazard but also tiring.

Ideas to command passenger booking traffics in transport companies are in a continuous transition, making the sector one of the most competitive.

Each company is in a consistent struggle to ensure their clients are satisfied maximally and to minimize complaints among the clients.

A comfortable bus is manifested in the manager. The bus companies below are the best in creating comfortable travelling experiences to their clients.

ENA Coach Limited

It was established 2 years ago under the umbrella of Trans line limited. It has routes in all parts of Kenya except western region. Since last year, it has transformed into an independent transport company, leaving with almost all the clients Transline ever had.

It has made its booking open to the clients such that clients can book their tickets online whenever they have an urge to travel.

Clients enjoy free one litre bottle of Ena water and snacks, free washrooms, operational sockets for charging, free wi-fi and a spacious waiting lounge.

Easy Coach Limited

It began its operations 10 years ago and has grown to be among the best and most convenient courier service providers in east Africa.

It also has several comfortable Scania buses, designed and maintained to satisfy the comfort that passengers demand. It has booking offices in almost all major and minor offices in Kenya, equipped with caring and courteous staff.

Their fare remains constant, despite the time, season or economy unlike some companies that hike fare at night or during festive and back to school seasons.

Dream line limited

All the buses belonging to this company are modern and extremely comfortable. They are specialized in Mombasa route, Nairobi route and Kisumu route. The customer care here is upbeat.

Kenya Bus services

KBS initially traversed the entire country under trademark name, stage coach. It collapsed however because of among other reasons, the low fare it was charging its clients to travel to upcountry and back to Nairobi.

Currently, it is the most comfortable and cheapest town service vehicle and has the most reasonable staff in the city. It also extends its services to routes of places neighboring Nairobi city

Modern coast limited

It started in 2006 with only 4 buses but currently boasts of owning close to 70 comfortable busses it. It transverses the entire East Africa, with its over 60 branches in the region. It has greatly easened travelling to and within Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

Simba coaches limited

It is the only country with the most modern buses in the country. One of its buses, dragon fly, has been ranked the safest in East Africa.It has routes in Kenya and Kampala..

Coast Bus coaches limited

Having operated in Kenya for 56 years, it has known what passengers deserve and is loyally serving it to them. passengers enjoy a lot of comfort, coupled with the most friendly and caring staff.

With its main office in Mombasa, it cruises to Kitui, Nairobi, Bungoma, Kisumu and Kakamega.

Mash East Africa

If there is a bus company in East Africa  whose staff and divers have the highest level of competency and integrity, it is mash poa company.It has routes within Kenya and within Uganda.

Tahmeed coach ltd

It gives its passengers a nice travelling experience within Kenya. It has specialized in Mombasa route, Nairobi route and Kisumu route.

The Guardian angel coach ltd

It ranks among the biggest transport providers in Kenya. The customers of this giant company boast of undeniable comfort and desirable luxury. Its daily routes involve all the major towns in Kenya.

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