Top 10 Safest Residential areas in Dubai
A side view of Dubai's princess towers.

Top 10 Safest Residential areas in Dubai

Living in Dubai is a dream that many have had and some have fulfilled it while others are yet to. Life in Dubai however demands that you live in a safe area. Your residential area of choice should be safe from robbery, terrorist attacks, stressing factors like dry taps, distanced markets, distanced schools, distanced services, distanced drinking joints, distanced health centres among others. To be safe, one should live in these top 10 best and safest places.

1. Jumeirah Beach Residence

JBR, as most of the locals call it, was probably established for all the lovers of the beach and associated activities. It is unique in that almost all the buildings in this suburb are towers with balconies facing the direction of the gulf. The area has its own strip, popularly known as the walk that links it to health facilities, shops, joints, among others. It is about 35 km from the Dubai international airport. It is one of the best places in Dubai.

2. Jumeirah Lake Towers

JLT is the place to find celebrities, politicians, states officers and senior professionals of Dubai. You can imagine how secure the place is. This place and Dubai Marina are almost at the same level of class though JLT boasts of very wonderfully designed artificial lakes. The beautiful scenery of these artificial lakes makes the blue lovers call it a first home after their real homes. The place is 35 km from Dubai international airport.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

3. Dubai Marina

This is a magnificent naturally designed small town within the modern Dubai. One proof that life exists here is the erected global tallest tower, known as the princess tower. Dubai Marina is a spectacular man-made harbor and is at the heart of New Dubai. The resident of this area enjoy security since here people operate 24/7. All services can be obtained here – health, basic and non-basic goods, fitness centres, restaurants, bars, pools, among more. The area is also blessed with some of the most beautiful sites and land marks in the world. From Dubai international airport, the distance to Dubai Marina is about 30km.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

4. Dubai Silicon Oasis

Abbreviated as DSO, this is a small city right at the heart of Dubai city. Talk of the best in Dubai, almost everything best can be found here- best learning institutions, best swimming pools, best shopping Centre, best social centres, best health facilities, best stadiums, best restaurants, and any best item that one can think of randomly. Security and roads are reliably commendable in this wonderful city. Most residential apartments have a green grassy parking lots, strategically designed for people whose taste for nature is classy. It is about 23 km from the airport.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

5. Dubai Land

This beautiful area gained popularity at the beginning of last year since the citizens and guests realized that it is one of the most secure places to live in. this could be attributed to the fact that Dubai land is cool in everything- climate, people, nature, buildings, roads, among others. This place is a source of relaxation and fun. Residential parlors here are designed to cater for the pockets of all classes of people. It is about 26.5 km from the airport.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

6. Downtown Dubai

This area has all the modern basic amenities and infrastructure. The apartments here are classy and spacious enough to cater for larger families. Among the global land marks that downtown boasts of is the Burj Khalifa tower, one of the tallest towers in the world. Security is there all the time. Its proximity to the air port makes it the most convenient for those with unplanned travel schedules. It is about 9.5 km from the airport.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

7. Deira

It is one of the most ancient towns in Dubai. What adds flavor to this private town is the Dubai creek. Asians from all walks of life believe that Dubai without Deira cannot exist. Governments, both past and present have some hidden interest in this place since each of them strive to make this place attractive. It has underground tunnels, linking it to most services in the city. It is about 6.5 km from Dubai international airport.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

8. Business Bay

From Downtown Dubai, the nearest town is the business city. This is a place where businesses of all sorts occur. The business persons and their entire house holds prefer to live closer to their business empires, thus they live in the business city. This place is a city on its own, with basic social amenities, banks, entertainment joints, flashy apartments, police headquarters, and many more. It is about 18.5 km from Dubai international airport.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

9. Al Barsha

The major guarantee that this place offers its residence is affordability. Educational facilities, health facilities, food, houses and water are all adequately found here at the cheapest rates in a starter in the city, this is the best place to live. Security is there since most police officers stay here.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

The place has a lower population since most people are yet to discover the peace, calm and fun that comes with living here. It is about 31 km from Dubai international airport.

10. Dubai Sports City

People who are keen on their health and physical fitness and can die for the love of sports prefer living at the DSC. DSC has modern fitness centres, stadiums and sports grounds at almost every corner of the town. The residents here are very active since their lives dictate so. Even the apartments and hotels are intentionally designed with spacious compounds, balconies or gyms to fulfill the sporty desires of the residents. It is about 38.5 km from the Dubai international airport.It is one of the best places in Dubai.

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