Years of Graduation Likely to Win in the 2020 TSC internship interviews Per Subject Combination
Beverline Anyango(left) and Joyce Owendi

Every year, over 30,000 teachers graduate from universities and teacher training colleges into the job market. However out of this huge number, only 5% get employed by the Teachers’ Service Commission within 3 years. The rest hustle for averagely 4-10 years. Some even serve on boards for over ten years, till they give up the job seeking job. Some embark on other ventures like business and Agriculture.

If you are planning to pursue education and is interested in getting employed within one or two years, then you must choose a subject combination that will suit your dreams. Some combinations my lead you to a serious regression before your real regression stage.

Outlined below are some of the best combinations for those planning to be employed within two years of graduation by the Teacher’s Service Commission. The same combinations are hot cakes in private schools and board of management vacancies.

1. Physics and Chemistry Combination

Teachers of physics and chemistry do not tarmac for long since in high school, both subjects are optional subjects, except in some few schools where chemistry is compulsory. Furthermore, only 1 in ten students choose physics during subject selection. Out of those who choose, very few pass it. Of those who pass, only a handful opt to pursue education as a course.

For chemistry, students naturally fear it and even in schools that make it compulsory, very few score C+ and above, which is a minimum requirement to be a chemistry teacher.

Aggressive students who graduate with this combination spend less than eight months teaching on board.

2. Biology and Agriculture Combination

Graduates of biology and agriculture are also a lucky lot. This group of teachers owe their luck from the fact that for the last four years, performance in the two subjects has been pathetic, making only a handful of the candidates qualified to pursue a teaching career in them.

Among those who decide to pursue biology as a teaching subject, lazy ones give up because of the many units and laboratory reports involved. It is also too wide for a non-committed student. Very few therefore graduate.

Both subjects are optional and some students drop agriculture upon joining form one.

The few who graduate are sometimes even lower than the slots advertised by the teachers’ service commission in the whole country, forcing some schools to change their slots to a different combination.

3. Biology and Chemistry Combination

A combination of the two is not only marketable in TSC employment but also the most sought subject combination by boards of management of public schools and directors of private schools.

As already known, most students fail in the subjects, leaving only a few meeting the minimum conditions required.

4. Computer Studies / ………. Combination

Computer studies alone is enough to make one be employed faster. It is however advisable that you combine it with another subject like mathematics, chemistry or physics; just to expand your knowledge, competency, ranking in interviews, and options for master’s studies.

What makes computer studies a hotcake is very simple. Only 2 in every 22 students choose computer studies as a technical and applied option in form one. Out of these, only one proceeds with it to national exams.

If you want to pursue education, and you did computer studies at KCSE and got C+ and above, you do not need to be mixed up. Come on, go for computer studies. You will not only be a teacher but also an IT expert in four years’ time.

5. Geography and History /Government Combination

Much about geography has been discussed under its combination with business. If combined with history and government, it can also lead to earlier employment. This is because in most high schools, geography and history are stroked in the timetable, thus a student can only choose one and drop the other. This gives the few who learn in schools where they can do the two an upper hand when it comes to employment. Rush and do that combination for earlier professional, family and financial planning.

6. Geography and Business Studies Combination

Both subjects are optional, with business studies being optional from form one. Geography is dropped in form two by those lazy students who fear drawing and reading widely. Very few therefore proceed with the 2 subjects to form 4 and most of them do not take teaching as a profession. You may find yourself alone in your first interview panel.

7. Physics and Mathematics Combination

Another sweet combination for those interested in getting absorbed faster is physics and mathematics. Both are too hard for the learners, thus only a few perform in them at form four. Most learners, against the expectation of their schools, drop physics indefinitely in form one as they wait to drop it officially in form three. This leaves the few who proceed with it with a golden opportunity of being employed earlier, should they decide to blend it in their subject combinations.

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8. Biology and Mathematics Combination

A cocktail of biology and mathematics is a sure bet when it comes to TSC employment. Biology has been discussed three times here and at least you can understand why educational employers are interested in biology and why those who pursue it are called blessed. Mathematics is also a very good partner, always divorced by so many enemies. For the few who have chosen it as a friend, trust me it will pay you handsomely since there will be very little competition.

Even in college, biology classes have the lowest number of learners. This gives you a mild vision concerning the world of employment. You will be very few against very many slots.

9. Home Science / ……

Home science teachers, just like computer studies do not need a second combination to be employed by TSC. For the purposes of competency however, it is advisable that you blend it with another subject.

There is a huge shortage of home science teachers country wide since very few students take home science among the few schools that offer it. This leaves a very vast market gap, not only in education but also in the field of nutrition.

Most home science teachers in TSC payroll are old and they are administrators. There is a dire need for more young teachers to replace them.

10. Mathematics and Chemistry

You need no more explanations concerning how a blend of the two treat their consumers. Graduates of mathematics and chemistry spend not more than 3 years on board if they are serious with job seeking.

Apart from the 10 combinations above, there are other combinations which also guarantee faster employment but not ranked here since very few schools offer them. These include aviation, music, technical drawing and design, and power mechanics. If you are in a position to pursue them, go ahead. You may find yourself alone in an interview, though they are mostly advertised in technical training institutes and very few high schools advertise them.

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