TOP 5 BEST Top 5 Best Driving Schools in Kisumu County
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Driving requires highest observation of the road safety rules so as to avoid putting the life of the driver and that of the passengers at risk. Learning in the best driving schools guarantees one an opportunity to practice and master all the safety rules and guidelines. In Kisumu county, there so many driving schools but the best will always top in terms of the most competent alumni. Summarized below are some of the best driving schools potential drivers should look for in Kisumu county.

1. Automotive Association of Kenya driving school

It started training divers during the colonial era and is believed to have trained some of the pioneer political and professional elites of Africa. The school is believed to be older than all Kenyan citizens. The Kisumu branch is located at wedco center along Oginga Odinga street.

AA Kenya offers 30 intensive lessons at less than Kshs. 16000.

2. Rocky Driving School 

It has existed for over 30 years, with branches in all the major towns in Kenya. The Kisumu branch is located along Oginga Odinga street. Within Kisumu county however, there are other branches in Kombewa, Holo and Ahero.

Apart from the common vehicle classes, it also offers lessons for truck and heavy commercial drivers. Its trainers are always ready to go to the road and the only thing they are waiting for is you.

With Kshs. 9,500, one can get 20 driving lessons. What is the definition of being cheap?

3. Imperial driving school

This prestigious driving school is located on the ground floor of Al Imran plaza, at one of the extreme ends of Oginga Odinga street.

It specializes in both heavy commercial and lighter commercial vehicles and the charges mock the quality lessons that this academy offers.

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4. Sony Driving School 

This is another driving school that Kisumu county is proud of. The number of competent drivers it has produced has raised its reputation above imaginable levels. The fees are reasonable and any serious Kenyan can manage.

5. Lake Victoria driving school

Located at the heart of Kisumu city, this driving school ensures quality driving skills to its clients. It also assists the graduates get driving license within a very short time. The charges are manageable.

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